The 15 Greatest End of the World Prophecy FAILs

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Don't panic. According to the Mayans, the world was going to end on Friday, December 21st, 2012. Whether by a reversal of the Earth's rotational axis, a collision with mysterious Niburu, or by some kind of implosion black hole issue, the Mayan calendar clearly indicates this TGIF would be our last. Except it wasn't. Neither was Harold Camping's prediction, Pat Robertson's, or anyone elses's

No matter how many times religious "prophets" predict doomsday based on numerology, the Bible or scientists wrongly calculate a comet's effect on the planet (Isaac Newton even wrote his own prediction of the apocalypse that was published after his death), people have kept bracing themselves for the end of the world or committing suicide to spare themselves from witnessing the Apocalypse (which, c'mon, would be pretty awesome to see).

Here are 15 failed apocalyptic prophecies of the past.

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    eBible Fellowship Predicts the World Will Be Destroyed By Fire "Online fellowship" group head Chris McCann predicted that the world would be "annihilated by fire" on Wednesday, October 7. What brought him to this eerily specific date? A different failed apocalypse

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    The September 23rd Comet/LHC Black Hole/Jade Helm Rapture Fizzles Biblical prophecy watchers, apocalypse predictors, and doomsday preppers were buzzing that September 23, 2015, would lead to confluence of events, both political and scientific, that would herald the destruction of

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    Harold Camping Thought the World Would End In 2011 (Just Like He Did in 1994 and on May 21 of 2011) Because this is just something people should know about (it's pretty funny, and a little sad), here's what's going on with this weekend's Rapture.And in everyone on this list's defense, it makes sense that everyone thinks they're

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    Televangelist Pat Robertson Says God Told Him World Would End in 1982 Televangelist, ex-Baptist minister and failed Republican candidate for the 1988 presidential election, Pat Robertson always has a prediction to make and commentary of the utmost insensitivity on any disaster that occurs (Check out

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    Amateur Astrologist's False Observation Leads to Mass Suicide in 1997 When amateur astronomist Chuck Shramek took a fuzzy CCD image of the comet Hale-Bopp, which was set to reappear in 1997, he mistakenly observed that a Saturn-like object was trailing behind it. The observation reached message

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    Joanna Southcott Claims She Will Give Birth to The Second Jesus in 1814 If this lady existed in modern day, she would most likely write slash fiction.In 1814, a British virgin over 60 years old from Devon, England declared that she was the woman in Revelation (12:1-6) -- 1. And there appeared a great

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    Y2K Bug Threatens To Plunge World Into Chaos. Nutjobs Prepare. Instead of getting ready to party hard to celebrate the privilege of welcoming a new millennium, theories that computers would shut down completely when they reached 00 due to the use of two digits for years (97,98,00) raised

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    Taiwanese Cult Leader Says God Will Arrive in Spaceship "The True Way" (Chen Tao) was a cult started by a Taiwanese national named Hon-Ming Chen who was originally an atheist and a professor. The movement was a mix of Buddhism, Taoism and UFOlogy. Three things that obviously

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    Rockin' Rollen Stewart Wreaks Havoc Before The Rapture in 1992 At first he was just a guy in a rainbow-colored afro wig that would position himself perfectly behind an athlete at a sporting event to get on camera, much to the TV network executives' annoyance. He appeared on TV at basketball,

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    Early Heretic Montanus Founds End of the World Cult In the 2nd century, a native of what is now Turkey, Phrygia, and a pagan priest of an Oriental cult (yes, you can use this in a historical context) for Cybele (mother goddess of fertility) converted to Christianity and began a

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    Large Hadron Collider Potentially Creates a Black Hole Large Enough to Swallow the Earth

    Large Hadron Collider Potentially Creates a Black Hole Large Enough to Swallow the Earth The Large Hadron Collider that stretches 27 km between France and Switzerland is the largest particle accelerator ever built and was set to be turned on on September 10, 2008 to recreate the Big Bang. It was built by Cern, the

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    20,000 Londoners Flee Their Homes In The Second Great Flood A respected German scholar and priest, Johannes Stoeffler, predicted in 1499 that the world would be flooded again because all six of the planets known then would be in conjunction in the constellation of Pisces. Since Pisces is

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    Botticelli's Mystical Nativity Bears Ominous Inscription The Mystical Nativity was the only painting Botticelli signed and with it wrote an inscription that said:"This picture, at the end of the year 1500, in the troubles of Italy, I Alessandro painted. In the half time after the

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    Richard Noone Predicts Ice Age To Start 5/5/2000 In his book Ice: Ultimate Disaster Richard Noone (which, surprisingly is not pronounced no-one) stipulated that the planets' alignment with the moon and sun would cause disturbances in the Earth's axis, sending the ice from the

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    Richard Miller Says the World Will End On Or Before March 21st, 1844 William Miller was a Baptist preacher, a self-proclaimed Bible scholar, and another guy on the growing list of jerks who survived the day they proclaimed would be the apocalypse. Between the years of 1831 and 1844, Miller began

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