The 13 Greatest End of the World Prophecy FAILs Events
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The 13 Greatest End of the World Prophecy FAILs

Don't panic. According to the Mayans, the world is going to end this Friday, December 21st, 2012. Whether by a reversal of the Earth's rotational axis, a collision with mysterious Niburu, or by some kind of implosion black hole issue, the Mayan calendar clearly indicates this TGIF will be our last (maybe set the DVR for a little Full House? Some Family Matters, for old time's sake?).

No matter how many times religious "prophets" predict doomsday based on numerology, the Bible or scientists wrongly calculate a comet's effect on the planet (Isaac Newton even wrote his own prediction of the apocalypse that was published after his death), people have kept bracing themselves for the end of the world or committing suicide to spare themselves from witnessing the Apocalypse (which, c'mon, would be pretty awesome to see).

What are some end of the world predictions? Inspired by the current prediction (Friday, December 21st), here are 13 failed apocalyptic prophecies of the past.