The 12 Greatest Jesus Memes of All Time Anything
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The 12 Greatest Jesus Memes of All Time

Every year (typically around Easter), there's at least one viral Jesus meme, Jesus viral video or Jesus-themed webcomic that makes the rounds. So here, all in one place, is the very best Jesus memes, including the funniest Jesus-themed rage comics, image macros and viral videos from throughout the years. For example here's Funny or Die's take on the last supper.

From the horribly offensive, to the downright poignant, here's the best the internet has had to offer on funny Jesus memes over the years.

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    Republican Jesus

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    Drawing attention to the vast difference between modern Republican ideals and that of the teachings of Jesus Christ himself by juxtaposing the two. The Republican Jesus meme takes the LOL Jesus meme and makes it political, putting a Republican elephant in the picture and showing off the hypocrisy of born again right-wingers.

    The point being, of course, that this is a little bit of a more realistic depiction of Jesus in meme form here:

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