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The 12 Greatest Jesus Memes of All Time

Every year (typically around Easter), there's at least one viral Jesus meme, Jesus viral video or Jesus-themed webcomic that makes the rounds. So here, all in one place, is the very best Jesus memes, including the funniest Jesus-themed rage comics, pictures, image macros and viral videos that have made everyone LOL throughout the years. For example here's Funny or Die's take on the last supper.

From the horribly offensive images that straight up make fun of Christ, to the downright poignant, here's the best the internet has had to offer on funny Jesus memes over the years.

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    LOL Jesus

    People see Jesus everywhere, from pieces of toast, Cheetos and dog's butts, to dental scans (like the ones on this list). So naturally, the internet has become one huge platform for poking fun of the world's most vocal religion. The following memes are the best of that.

    The LOL Jesus meme is simple in execution: take a picture of jesus from an old children's book or pamphlet, and make it funny by giving it a caption using stupid internet slang.

    LOL JESUS was born in the manger of 4Chan's image boards, son of the God of the internet (aka the early, pre-YouTube internet crowd) that was basically doing Photoshop manipulations of everything under the sun, including, of course, Jesus and the Christian faith. Undoubtedly, manipulations of the Lord Jesus Christ were going to be some of the first things to get made fun of on the internet after everyone stopped downloading Napster songs.

    For more of LOL Jesus, go here.

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    Republican Jesus

    Drawing attention to the vast difference between modern Republican ideals and that of the teachings of Jesus Christ himself by juxtaposing the two. The Republican Jesus meme takes the LOL Jesus meme and makes it political, putting a Republican elephant in the picture and showing off the hypocrisy of born again right-wingers.

    The point being, of course, that this is a little bit of a more realistic depiction of Jesus in meme form here:

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    Jesus is a Jerk

    The "Jesus is a Jerk" meme is also sometimes characterized as the "Jesus is a Dick" meme or the "Assh*le Jesus" meme. It's a set of images originally featured on the website of a man who drew them in 1987 because he's insane. The series is called "With You Always". Here's the explanation:

    "The enclosed images are from 11×14 pencil drawings that are the result of an undertaking that began when I was 50 years old. I was awakened in the middle of the night with a clear, vivid impression that the Lord wanted me to do some special drawings -- drawings depicting ordinary people in their everyday environment . . . . with one important addition: the presence of Jesus Christ and His involvement in those routine activities."

    So this well-meaning, kind-hearted, probably wonderfully nice psychopath made a bunch of drawings of a kind of creepy, ghost-like Jesus.

    And then the internet put captions on the pictures.

    In this meme, Jesus is featured accompanying various Christians throughout their every day activities and saying horrifyingly insensitive things. It's wonderful.

    Here are some examples of this:

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    Storytime Jesus

    Jesus has a lot to say. So this meme is one of the most quickly viral on the list, because it basically paraphrases events from the Bible in a casual tone.

    Using an image of Jesus giving a sermon, this a caption meme poking fun at how conversational and laid back Jesus looks in this particular picture, all while making him use everyday/internet slang.

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    Hipster Jesus

    The entire hipster meme phenomenon had to spark a Hipster Jesus at some point. And it did. And it was good. If you're not hip to the Hipster memes, their basic setup is that once you put a pair of hipster glasses on anything, that person/place/thing immediately become a pretentious, elitist, douchebag who has already heard of everything you talk about.

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    Raptor Jesus

    Raptor Jesus is one of the oldest, greatest internet memes of all time. Much like a lot of the greatest, and most offensive, things on the internet, Raptor Jesus was born on 4Chan.

    It was a meme that originated with a really dumb, crudely photoshopped picture of a Jurassic Park style Velociraptor superimposed onto Jesus's body in the context of stylistic religious drawings, sometimes with captions added. That's it. And it ended up taking off. The crude Photoshop jobs and how simplistic, base and childish the humor of the meme really is, are all factors of what make this meme so great.

    The fact that Raptor Jesus always talks like a young teenage gamer/LOLCAT is what gives him his charm.

    Also, he's kind of a dick.

    And the captions started:



    For more Raptor Jesus, check out this round-up of The Very Best of the Raptor Jesus Meme.

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