The 12 Greatest Viral Videos of Men Crying

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Man-crying used to be reserved, in prior eras, exclusively for truly severe, maudlin circumstances. Watching your pappy die after being crushed by a runaway carriage, for example. Or finding out that privateers happened upon the vessel you had charted to bring your newfound fortune home from the New World, dashing your dreams and sentencing your riches to an eternity in the briny deep. That sort of thing.

Today, guys cry over smaller tragedies. (Say, for example, because their favorite team lost the big game. Or because people on the Internet are being kind of mean to Britney Spears.) And fortunately, the magic of technology allows us to enjoy the spectacle of dudes losing their s**t over nothing from the comfort of our own home, without actually having to be there to watch the sobs take form. Which can be a little awkward.

What follows are 13 classic Internet videos featuring a diverse collection of guys crying over all sorts of traumas, big and small. We'd ask you to vote for your favorites, but that's just cold. Plus there are rules against bullying now, I think. Better to be on the safe side.

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