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What do you get the Gamer Girl in your life? She's already defeated the Joker, wiped out the Zerg and dominated Skyrim. What's left? You want to give her a gift that tells her you care, but also acknowledge the fact that you find her incredibly sexy as well as cater to the gamer insider her (not the literal one, because that's you). So, because you're lazy and thoughtless, here are some great holiday gift ideas for your gamer girlfriend.
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The No More Heroes Lingerie Set

No More Heroes 2 is one of the single craziest games to ever be released on the Wii. Though, like with many crazy things, it also had some pretty sexy clothing. So it is no surprise that a line of Lingerie was created for NMH2.

Nothing says Merry Christmas Sexy like a black bustier trimmed in yellow ribbon, garters and a samurai sword.

Read more about this collection at Kotaku.
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Game Boy Dress

Yeah sure, this is really more of a lazy Halloween costume than something a girl would actually want to wear around town, but dear Lord look at it.

Not only is it exactly what it sounds like, but it calls to a nostalgia that makes anyone who actually owned an original Game Boy feel awesome. It's an awesome mix of sexy tiny dress and nerdery that only a true gamer girl would appreciate.

You can purchase this over at SewOeno's Etsy page.

BONUS: You won't have to hold your girlfriend up over your head to make the headlights in the car behind you light up her screen.
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Sexy Video Game Corsets

For the girl who loves dressing up in corsets, the fine people at The Vintage Doctor have made various gaming corsets for you to find and enjoy.

Just make sure you get the sizing right, as fit is just about everything when it comes to corsets.

There's an underbust with Mario on it as well, and another corset like this Zelda one, only filled with a bunch of Sonic the Hedgehogs. It rules.

All of these can be found over at the corset section of The Vintage Doctor's website.

The Rez ASCII Sex Toy for PS2

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This is the coolest in actually-buyable teledildonics.

Yes, this is a real word, it's a real industry, and it totally exists. It's exactly what it sounds like: teledildonics (also called "cyberdildonics" are electronic sex toys that are controlled by computers. Namely, it's a cool way to turn your Wii, your Playstation 2 (or 3) and even your PC into a command center for insanely creative, interactive sex games.

It's the perfect happy medium between everything 12 year old you and the you that you've come to know/hate so well today have ever wanted!

First up is this Playstation 2 sex toy that revolves around the game Rez, which basically does what your gaming consoles have always done for your gamer girlfriend: replaced you in a way that fulfills her more than you do most of the time.

It ONLY works with Rez, though, which is interesting since the game is a weird 90'sesque acid trip through a vast world where you navigate through walls and exploding boxes while surrounded by otherwise-nothingness. Think TRON, if everyone in that world was constantly on E.

The Rez sex toy controller mirrors any movements made in the game, so you can play while your girlfriend goes nuts.

It's really the perfect gift/concept/anything.

Buy it New or Used @ Amazon

Yes, that's right, USED. This is the world we live in.
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Gaming Studs/Jewelry

Everyone knows the phrase "Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend". This just isn't true. For those of us lucky enough to have a girl gamer in our lives a more appropriate saying would be "Companion Cubes are a Girl's Best Friend." One truth though is that all women like jewelry, so why not give something more heart felt this year. Instead of a diamond necklace, how about a heart container necklace from Legend of Zelda.

Or a Sterling Silver 8-Bit Mario.
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Sexy Nintendo Underwear for Women

Nintendo's pretty much the most iconic and recognizable name in gaming, and so it goes without saying that they have the largest amount of random stuff made in their name by outside companies. So, of course, there exists a barrage of Nintendo underwear for women (and, of course, for men).

But here's some stuff you can't find on sale at Target:

Nintendo Controller Panties

She controls you anyway, so why the hell not get her a pair of panties that set it in stone (well, cotton). They look pretty damn great on a lot of girls and work pretty well for both your needs. It also lets her know that you're thinking about her comfort to make up for all those times you refused to pay for valet service and made her walk 8 blocks in heels while it was raining.

Click here to pick up the Nintendo Controller Panties
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DS Skins

A practical gift for the gamer girl in your life. Buying her one of these adorable DS Skins shows that you not only care about her, but for the care and style of her gaming system. With choices ranging from Hello Kitty and Disney Princess to Skulls and Butterflies, Gamerz Skinz has you covered.

The Buttkicker Gamer

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Not quite teledildonics, this is actually a pretty legitimate accessory. It basically takes any vibrations that are happening in whatever game you're playing and vibrates your chair accordingly.

It's really the best way to get your girlfriend to play racing games with you as it essentially turns her gaming experience into that Jenna Jameson scene from Howard Stern's Private Parts.

Get it from Buttkicker Direct.