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There have been some crazy arrests in 2010, but none more entertaining and shocking than those involving bad parenting. This list is filled with the most high-profile deadbeat parents of 2010. They made the news interesting and made us all thankful that we have nothing to do with these people (unless you do, in which case, that sucks.) Here are the 13 most insane parents of 2010 from a dad who castrated his teenage daughter's boyfriend to parents forcing their baby to smoke pot and then video taping it.

German Dad Castrates Teenage Daughter's 57-year-old Boyfriend

On December 12, Helmut Seifert did what every protective father would do after finding out their teenage daughter was dating a 57-year-old man -- he cut his balls off. Granted, most parents would only envision doing it in the privacy of their own homes/minds, but Seifert went on and actually did it.

How did they do it? Here's how...

He and his two friends went to the home of Phillip Genscher--the f*ture eunuch--and castrated him with a bread knife. That's right, a bread knife.

To his defense though, Seifert says that he went to the police before taking actions into his own hands. But since the police couldn't do anything (they probably saw cutting off a man's only reason for living as "crime" or something), he began his own search for the sharpest bread knife at home he could find.

Too add insult to soul-crushing injury, Seifert actually then ran away with Genscher's severed t*******s, so that they would not be able to be reattached. Also probably to frighten his teenage daughter to never, ever date a man whose t*******s sagged in that "if you had a towel made out of old grapes" way again.

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Bored and High Parents Tape Toddler To A Wall

Jayla Hamm and Corde Honea were bored and high one day in January so they did just about the most humane thing they could think of for entertainment: they tortured Jayla's 2-year-old son.

The two taped the toddler to a wall against his will and took pictures of the "hilaaaaarious" situation. They also snapped photos of the toddler with his hands bound in tape to resemble stubs, cause how funny is it when you bind a toddler to look disabled and like he's suffered through some horrible tragedy, am I right guys?...

18-year-old Jayla was so proud of her documentation that she showed her pictures to a friend, who, like the rest of the world would hopefully do, reported the incident to the cops. Police examined the photos and said that the child's face looks "terrified."

Jayla was sentenced just a measly 10 days in prison and two years probation while her jackal boyfriend Cordea got 36 to 60 months for additional separate burglary and firearm charges cause why not, you know? Might as well, while he was there.

See here for the disgusting photos, one in which these two insane, sick bastards taped the boy's sippy cup to the wall.

Mother Kills Infant For Interrupting Farmville Game

Alexandra V. Tobias, whose haunting, lifeless, Forest Whitaker stare you will never be able to unsee, was playing Farmville on Facebook, like any healthy psychopath does, when she was (rudely) interrupted by her 3-month old baby's (incessant) crying (most likely because it probably hadn't been fed for a day and a half or because it knew that its mom was playing Farmville instead of, you know, RAISING it.)

Alexandra was in the middle of an intense game of Farmville , where she was most likely deciding how much money to spend on her latest crop of fake tomatoes, so naturally, any interruption had to be met with swift justice and a steady, iron hand.

She shook her young, 3-month old baby, as any suitable mother knows to do, in order to get her rage out/to calm him down. She then took a smoke break to compose herself (no, really she actually did this) and shook him again, like that one scene in Airplane! only in real life, with a baby and sadder.

After the second shaking, the baby was dead, as it had been rattled/shaken to death.

A woman shook her baby to death because the baby interrupted Farmville. That's right, FARMVILLE.

Here's a video that describes exactly why this is the most absurd game that could possibly lead to this type of behavior. Maybe if it was a first person shooter, maybe if it were an MMORPG where thousands of hours of work were at stake, or maybe even if it was a real "game", would this have made absolutely ANY sense (and even then, it wouldn't), but the fact that she lost her sense of control because her baby interrupted what is arguably the worst game (worst thing? Let's go with worst "thing") in the history of games, is what adds insult to this very, very tragic injury.

According to Mashable, some "players" of the overhyped, overused Tomagochi syndicate known as "Farmville" have found it so addicting that they'™ve lost their jobs and racked up debts heavier than $1,000 trying to rack up points in a thankless, terrible and fake environment where fun and real gaming go to die (Farmville).

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(Thank you to Ariel Kana)

Dad Leaves 5-Week-Old Baby In Oven Overnight

Larry Long called a mental health crisis line after he found out what he did.

After smoking marijuana at the restaurant where he works as a cook, the Kentucky man came home to have a couple of drinks with Brandy Hatton, the mother of a 5-week-old baby. Hatton had four or five shots of whiskey while Long finished the bottle, which was apparently enough for him to black-out to the point of leaving a baby in the oven.

The next morning Hatton woke to cries of her baby coming from the oven, which was left slightly open and, thankfully, not turned on. The baby was in there for several hours, but was found unharmed. Police arrested Long and charged him with wanton endangerment and the baby has since been removed from the mother's care.

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Belgian Parents Chain Daughter To Bed Every Night

Two parents in a small community in Belgium were accused of chaining their twelve-year-old daughter to a bed every night for several months. The girl was reportedly being punished for shoplifting and stealing from the parents' pockets. Though stealing is certainly not good conduct, it does not in any way deserve to be met with zip ties and a metal chain.

Lynn and Patrick Drollinger though are creepy parents and they tied their daughter's wrist to the bed post every day and sometimes beat her with a plastic hanger which, c'mon, isn't even practical. On one occasion the girl was hit 20 times. Both parents went to jail and the father confessed that he went along with the abuse because he was afraid of his wife.

A wife that wants to chain you to a bed and beat you? Awesome. One that wants to punish a child as such, not so great.

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Tortured Boy Force Fed World's Hottest Hot Sauce

Gold Caps World's Hottest Sauce is described as being 35 times hotter than Tabasco sauce with one website saying that it "comes packaged with its own working fire extinguisher...YOU'RE GOING TO NEED IT!!!"

That is what the court discovered Rose Bemis, Karen Pacheco and Jose Pacheco were using to punish the children in their family in April of 2010.

In one 20-minute videotape shot by Jose (the stepfather), a boy is forced to eat the spicy sauce even after he says "It burns" and "It hurts too much." The parents and grandma are seen laughing and belittling the child, having no sign of concern or care for him. The boy was excused in the end but only after he ate a bowl of food that had lots of hot sauce in it.

The investigation was prompted when a resource officer at Madison Junior High noticed bruises and burn marks on the child's face.

This last hot-sauce instance was enough to have the judge say the defendants were guilty of torture. Three children have since been removed from the home and placed in foster care. A fourth child, the biological son of both parents, is still living with them.

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Korean Baby Left To Starve While Parents Raise Virtual Child

A Korean couple who lost their jobs and for some reason cared way too much about the fact that they gave birth to a premature child (this is the reasoning they gave for not liking their daughter as much as they could have), spent an inordinate amount of time playing the popular online multiplayer game Prius Online (which has nothing to do with saving energy, unless you count not going outside).

What's the point of this game? Well, it's kind of like Second Life. If you haven't heard of Second Life, it's basically a simulated life game in which you take on a new personality, and live that character's life by taking care of it on a regular basis. The couple had originally met online.

The couple devoted most of their free time to raising a virtual girl called Anima, whom they loved very much. The character was well-fed, well taken care of, and easy to manage because they could just turn it off after they were done with it. After a 12 hour gaming session, though, they came home to find their REAL baby dead. Autopsy reports say the baby died of malnourishment.

So, in lieu of raising their actual child, who at that point in her life needed nourishment and the care/love of parents more than anything else in the world, the couple decided to focus on a virtual child with elf ears that dresses like a Harajuku girl, because in this world you have to have your priorities straight.

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Drunk Father Leaves Toddler In Car For 25 Hours

Joe Kurihana had a really good time at a wedding in October. So good, in fact, that he forgot he had a 3-year-old son and where he'd parked. And you know how drunk people get at weddings (free booze + a reminder that you're not the one finding eternal happiness = drunk.)

All of this didn't really matter, though, until police found him wandering the streets alone and arrested him for public intoxication... with the baby still in the car.

When the mother, who was also at the wedding and remembered seeing Joe and her son leave together, called the police because neither of them came home. They only brought back her husband, who at this point, still had no idea why everyone was moving so fast and talking so loud or why anyone would be so mean as to "turn on lights."

Police were sent out to find the boy, but it was a resident of Pasadena who found the boy alone in a car in a parking garage. The toddler was dehydrated and covered in urine, not surprising since he was left in the car for over 25 hours. Kurihara was arrested for child endangerment and most likely woke up in jail with a massive hangover to add deserved insult to deserved injury.

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