The 13 Biggest LAPD Screw-Ups of All Time Anything
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The 13 Biggest LAPD Screw-Ups of All Time

The LAPD is a vast organization. While (hopefully) most of its officers are well-intentioned, the department has experienced huge screw-ups, with behavior that has ranged from horrible brutality to corruption to tragically unexplained uses of force. Some of the instances here are recent ones, while others are from the not-so-distant past. The saddest thing is that from these thirteen enormous LAPD screw-ups, it's hard to decide which one is the worst of all time.

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    Rampart Scandal

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    The Rampart scandal is another well-known piece of LAPD history, with betrayals of trust and demonstrations of treachery that Shakespeare would have loved. The Rampart division had an anti-gang unit known as Community Resources Against Street Hoodlums (CRASH). Many officers involved with this unit engaged in misconduct, including planting evidence, bank robberies. dealing drugs, and committing perjury. 


    One CRASH officer, Kevin Gaines, was shot by undercover officer Frank Lyga in 1997. The shooting was ruled self-defense, resulting from road rage. After Lyga was cleared and put back on duty, cocaine he had placed in evidence went missing. The investigation into the missing cocaine led to CRASH officer Rafael Perez, who may have taken the cocaine to frame Lyga in retaliation for Gaines's shooting. 

    Once arrested, Perez agreed to give details about the illegal activities at Rampart. He implicated over 70 officers. 


    Of the officers Perez named, 24 were found to have done something wrong. 12 were suspended, seven retired or resigned, and five were fired. 

    As a result of the framing and perjury the dirty officers engaged in, 106 convictions were overturned, and the LAPD had to pay out over $125 million in settlements. 

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