The 13 Craziest Deaths Caused by Social Media Anything

The 13 Craziest Deaths Caused by Social Media

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We’ve all done our share of internet searching, stalking, creeping and now, apparently, killing. In a world ruled by digital communication, posting the wrong status update can be fatal. These are the thirteen most ridiculous cases of social networking turned deadly.

What are some deaths caused by social networks? From relationship status changes on Facebook to catfishing at its best/worst, these are some of the most deranged things people have done on social networks. Oh and craigslist doesn't count because that's not as much of a social network as it is a cesspool. Enjoy.
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    Middle-Aged Woman Seduces Teenage Boys With Fantasy Facebook Profiles The Kills Them Off

    The craziest, most ridiculous social networking killer wasn’t actually a killer at all — the only murders this woman committed took place in her own deranged imagination.

    In a twisted, sadistic scheme taken to bizarre extremes, a 28-year-old New Zealander woman spent months creating Facebook profiles for (fake) attractive teenage girls, going by the questionable names of "Jordz Williams", "Becca Maria Jullienne", and "Abby Jane Zoe William" (no word on whether she went overboard with a baby name book or just imagined these fictitious chicks as strippers) with the aim of seducing dozens of teen schoolboys into online relationships.

    As if that wasn’t I-Belong-On-To-Catch-A-Predator enough, she would then ‘kill off’ the fake girls in "tragic accidents" or "suicides", using other made-up personas to break the news on—you guessed it—Facebook.

    Over 40 teen boys have been identified as victims of her internet mind games, giving them what they never thought they’d have, followed by one of the most traumatic experiences of their lives. These were discovered only when a 22-year-old woman found her own photographs in an online memorial video for that was supposed to be a girl named "Abby".


  2. 2

    Wife Killed For Changing FB Status to Single

    Even "adults" aren’t immune from crimes of murderous cyber jealousy. Edward Richardson’s wife, Sarah, 26, decided one day to change her relationship status from ‘married’ to ‘single’.

    Now, this would piss off most married men, but since they were actually already kind of, you know, separated, she probably didn’t see it as a big deal.
    Edward Richardson felt differently.

    After their separation, Sarah decided to move back in with her parents, like every 26-year-old who’s made a terrible mistake tends to do.

    Unfortunately for her, Edward decided to pull the old "sneak into the parents’ bedroom" trick, only this time, he sneaked in to stab her to death…over her Facebook status. He killed her because she changed her Facebook status to be more accurate. This is really the craziest part.

    After he committed this brutal, spurred-by-hatred-of-Facebook-status-accuracy crime, Edward ended up killing himself (probably ruining a perfectly nice bedroom rug in the process).

    All over a Facebook status change. Just so we’re clear. WTF.


  3. 3

    MySpace "Horror Core" Rapper Brings His Lyrics to Life

    Richard Alden Samuel McCroskey III, age 20, was a self-styled ‘Horrorcore’ r****r from a small town in Virginia called—wait for it—Farmville. Yes, Farmville. No really, there’s a town called Farmville – and this is where the whole story took place.

    Realizing that nobody actively follows (or likes) bands on Facebook, McCroskey turned to Myspace (which is really how you know someone's in trouble, it seems), where he posted some of his profound musical stylings under the name ‘Syko Sam’ (you can check out one of his music videos embedded below.)

    In songs like ‘My Dark Side’ (above), Syko Sam retard about brutally murdering people then watching them d**. .

    Sample lyrics: "You’re not the first, just to let you know / I’ve k****d many people and I k**l them real slow / It’s the best feeling, watching their last breath / Stabbing and stabbing till there’s nothing left", which proved just a little incriminating when he was accused of k*****g off four Farmville citizens. Once again, these were real people, with normal sized heads, who looked nothing like this:

    The four bodies were found in the home of a professor who teaches at Longwood University (really?) and were k****d using blunt force trauma. The four people were his girlfriend, her best friend, and her parents (a professor and a priest) [thanks for the catch, Reddit/Google Alerts!].

    A friend and fellow horrorcore r****r claimed, "You would never, ever imagine that kid even being a suspect."

    So, here are some more of Syko Sam's lyrics:

    Blood, death murder and rape I like to mutilate and take em back to my p********l and slash yeah Im coming for your a************m a cannibal use your body as food/Yeah your gonna d*e and your body will decay/ As I leave you dying in this dark alleyway

    At least he's direct. McCroskey was arrested for the murders.


  4. 4

    Being Grounded From MySpace Drives Teen to Shoot His Dad

    When normal 15-year-olds are forbidden to use their favorite social networking sites, they might write emo poetry in their diaries lamenting the fact that no one ‘gets’ them, complaining about their inherent need for digital ‘connection’, or that their black fingernail polish is flaking off int he shower. (See:

    But when decidedly not-normal 15-year-old Hughstan Schlicker’s parents banned him from using MySpace, he killed his dad with a 12-gauge shotgun and, most likely, deleted him from his Top 8.

    To the the father's credit, the kid had been threatening to kill himself for weeks on MySpace, which is a great marker to take his internet away, but are actually bigger warning signs that you should probably do something about your son's issues. Taking away his internet might not have been the good idea. Taking away this kid's internet was about as good a plan as taking away Osama Bin Laden's video camera would be: it'd change nothing.

    Being cut off from the digital world, according to Schlicker, "felt like I was stabbed with a knife and it went straight through and no matter how hard I pulled, I couldn’t pull out the knife..." (okay, in retrospect, he might not have considered himself above writing emo poetry.)

    But one day this seriously disturbed kid called in sick from school, faking his dad's voice, and stayed home from school to kill himself, like most people do to sleep or watch The Price is Right. And to his credit, he really meant to kill himself, but he decided on a plan: if his father came home after 4PM he wouldn't kill himself, he'd kill his dad (this kid really would've made a great Batman villain.)

    When his dad came home early, the kid went into the kitchen and shot him in the back of the head. He called a friend (which is really what he should've done instead of going crazy about not being able to update his MySpace, people had friends before the internet, I think) who convinced him to turn himself in instead of killing himself.

    All of this just because this kid couldn't update his MySpace. In 2008. WTF.


  5. 5

    Facebook Love Triangle Results in High-Speed Car Chase, Death

    You’d think a Facebook feud couldn’t lead to much worse than some unflattering tags and a few deleted wall posts, or at the very worst just deleting your profile and having to do a mass-re-friending-of-shame, right?

    Well, for Torrie Lynn Emery, 23, and Alesha Abernathy, 21, it led to a deadly high-speed car chase. With a 3 year old in the backseat.

    The two women had been fighting on Facebook for months over the same guy—so when Torrie ran into Alesha with a friend at only the classiest of their neighborhood hangouts (that would be McDonald’s), she pursued them across town, ramming their car several times, Jeepers Creepers style, and eventually killed Alesha's passenger.

    The dude they were fighting over had been in jail for over a year. But considering Torrie’s about to be joining him, guess she’s sort of… won? Only took running over her rival with a car (as most things do.)

    Tracy Emery, Torrie’s mother, said tearfully, "She made a mistake, but her intentions weren’t to kill nobody. Her intentions were to fight." All things considered, she probably should have kept that particular fight to flirtacious passive-aggressive Facebook poking.

    Also, to be a little bit of a grammar nazi, her mother was right.


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