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The 14 Craziest Gary Busey Moments

A collection of the best crazy outbursts by lovable, great and legendary lunatic Gary Busey. With over 40 years of acting experience under his belt (click here for an example of his range) - and more than 150 movie credits - Busey has long been a subject of public shock, curiosity, and affection. This list of Gary Busey quotes covers the most outrageous rants and diatribes caught on tape. What I wouldn't give to be a fly on the wall on the days when the cameras stop...

It's only fair to disclose that Busey suffered brain damage in 1988 when he crashed a motorcycle at 40 mph while not wearing a helmet. Since then, he had a string of run-ins with the law, variously hospitalized for cocaine and GHB overdoses, arrested for spousal abuse, and filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. After he appeared on "Celebrity Rehab" in 2008, a doctor noted that the accident had weakened Busey's mental filters, which caused him to speak and act impulsively. But let's look on the bright side. Without all that, we might never get gems like this:

"What you see is that you get - but there's a lot of surprises in what you get when you take me. Heh heh."

What are the craziest things Gary Busey has ever? There's a lot of incidents to choose from, but there are only a few to choose from.
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  1. 1

    Gary Busey Gets in a Fist Fight Over the Design of Heaven In late March of 2012, the story that inspired this list broke in an AV Club interview with ...

  2. 2

    Gary Busey Kicks Lead Actor of Piranha 3D in the Stomach The Gary Busey scholars over at Filmdrunk uncovered this one while listening to an episode of ...

  3. 3

    Gary Busey Yells at an 11 Year-Old In 2008, an 11 year-old reporter at the Oscars took on the daunting task of asking Gary Busey ...

  4. 4

    Gary Busey Sprays Interviewers with a Hose From the sound of things, the hosts of the Swedish TV program "High Chaparall," ...

  5. 5

    Gary Busey on His Own Use of Acronyms He's also really great at noises click here for proof. *grunt* *growl*

  6. 6

    Gary Busey on "Prayer Hour" Watch this video.Before you get all up in arms again about the liberal agenda and the war on ...

  7. 7

    Gary Busey Scratches Himself, Takes Over Red Carpet Interview The video above says it all. Not only does Busey answer a question about what he thinks about ...

  8. 8

    Gary Busey Goes Nuts on Fan At an Autograph Signing At an autograph signing, Gary Busey misspelled a man's name when making an autograph out to ...

  9. 9

    Gary Busey Takes on The Apprentice Has someone ever asked you a direct question you didn't want to answer? Take a cue from the ...

  10. 10

    Gary Busey's Motivational Speeches Perhaps the craziest thing about Gary Busey is that every once in a while, he kind of makes ...

  11. 11

    Gary Busey Gets Weird on Letterman As a guest on "Late Night" in 1990, Gary Busey told what might be the longest story ...

  12. 12

    Being Gary Busey's Personal Assistant On the hilarious podcast Frotcast, Vince from FilmDrunk and a man named Brian Massingill talk ...

  13. 13

    Gary Busey Laughs This is an advertisement for the 2009 video game Saints Row 2. It is also the setting and ...

  14. 14
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    Gary Busey Designs a Sex Toy Gary Busey is really concerned with your sexual satisfaction and well-being. So concerned, in ...


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