The 13+ Dumbest Lawsuits in Recent History Anything
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The 13+ Dumbest Lawsuits in Recent History

We live in a litigious world and, more importantly, one filled with scam artists and cry babies looking for any excuse to blame their mistakes, problems or minor shortcomings on large companies or the government. People will sue at the drop of a hat these days, but what are the dumbest lawsuits of all time? From spilt coffee to a Michael Jordan lookalike, the dumb legal cases on this list take the cake.

One man on this list tried to sue HIMSELF and then talk the government into paying the rewards he owed... himself. Sometimes though, it isn't the large companies being sued, they're the ones doing the suing. Viacom even sued a dead woman in connection with illegal downloads. Because that makes sense.

Here are fourteen cases that will make you want to sue the pants off of someone instead of, you know, "working."
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    Man Sues British Airways for Sending Him to Grenada Not Granada

    Geography is tough. In 2014, American dentist Edward Gamson planned himself a trip to the beautiful southern city in Spain, named Granada. He was especially excited for the trip due to his lifelong interest in Islamic art and his Spanish Jewish heritage. Despite his insistence with his travel agent that he wanted to visit Granada, Spain, imagine his surprise when he ended up on a nine hour flight to the Caribbean island of Grenada.

    When British Airways refused to reimburse Gamson and his partner for the $4,500 first class tickets, he decided to sue the airline, for $34,000 in damages. Though there was likely much pain and suffering he had to endure as a result of the mixup, he still got a trip to the Caribbean!

    Lesson learned: always double check your spelling (and maybe a map) when booking travel.


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