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Lip syncing is what you do when you're more famous than talented. These are videos of celebrities, famous singers and "artists" being caught lip syncing at the worst possible times. (Of course, Ashlee Simpson is here.)

Technology is both a blessing and a curse for the music industry. On one hand, it has made it easier for people without money for studio time to create music out of their bedroom. Unfortunately there is also a dark side to it with the auto-tuning and even worse, lip syncing.

Lip syncing is when an artist, for whatever reason decides that they cannot actually sing in front of the audience that has come and paid for them to do just that, so they have a backing track play during the performance and they just mouth along to it, just like you do in your car -- only with dancing. (We're looking at you, Milli Vanilli.)

Now, there are some cases where lip syncing could be acceptable. First, if you are making a music video since there is no way to perform live and have it turn out sounding good. We'll even let it slide for those singers who actually dance *a lot* and perform in their acts like Michael Jackson, since there is no way, during their higher energy numbers, that they can possibly get enough breath to push out the song and they don’t want to disappoint their fans.

Perfectly fine.

What singers have been caught lip syncing? The issue comes in when you are using the backing track just so you don’t have to do your job. It’s lazy and unprofessional. What’s even worse is when they do it poorly. The list below is the worst cases of lip syncing caught on tape and put on the web.

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The most recent entry, and the inspiration for this list, while it is not a singing gaffe, Katy Perry should be slapped on the wrist for trying to convince us that one, a recorder is a flute, and two that she has any talent other than looking pretty and bouncing nicely.

Ah, who am I kidding, I don't care.

Just bat those eyelashes at me a few times or bounce up and down on a ball while wearing cleavage-heavy shirts like in this gif.

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Ashlee Simpson is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list The 13 Greatest Lip Syncing FAILs
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Watch Ashlee Simpson lip sync screw up on SNL in Music  |  View More Free Videos Online at

Ashlee Simpson is known for many things: being related to Jessica Simpson, being now (sadly) hotter than Jessica Simpson, having a nose job, being married to that guy from that one band, oh and being a singer (sort of).

Also known as the "jig seen round the world", Simpson will go down as one of the worst musical guests in Saturday Night Live history. Forever.

She was on, "performing" to promote her new album, when the backing track stopped working and she did the only thing that popped into her cute little MILFy brain, dance her way off stage. Big ups go to her band, though, that went on to show that they don't need to fake it and just played the actual song for a while.

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Ah LiLo. This is what everyone calls her on the internet -- probably just to try and make her sound a little more like an actually-relatable little girl with family problems.

She was, at one time, all that I could think about. Remember how cute she was in "Mean Girls"? Her flowing red hair. Her rockin' bod. Her amazing singing voice. Ok, maybe not the last part. Being that she was raised to diva status by the demi-Gods at Disney, she had to have a CD of inane, pointless, cakemold music put out at some point (a CD, I should mention, that was given to me as a gift. A joke gift that I just happened to listen to a few hundred times).

It actually wasn't all that bad, of course it's pretty easy to tell that it wasn't really her voice. There was no trace of the years of cigarette/whiskey/crack abuse or any stray whistling from her previously-drug-damaged teeth in any of her tones.

So it isn't too much of a surprise that when she went on Good Morning America and missed a few syllables here and there and wasn't on mic for a few verses, but sounded fantastic anyway. After all, they will just edit it out in post right? Wait, what do you mean it's live?

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Though they certainly weren't the first people to be caught lip-syncing, Milli Vanilli is probably the most scandalous. It wasn't just because they used backing tracks during all of their performances, it was because it was not even their voices that you heard on the album. The supposed frontmen, Robert Pilatus and Fabrice Morvan, never sang on a single track of the first album. It was all sung by a group of people that the producer deemed too unattractive to be seen.

The above video shows one of the first times it became apparent that the duo were not actually singing during performances. It wasn't until after the group won a Grammy for Best New Artist in 1990 that it came to light that they were in fact duping America. And ever since then, the Grammys have been really meaningful and a bastion of recognition of the greatest talents in music...


The whole thing didn't go over well with anyone and they had their Grammy revoked and were then sued to give back all funds generated by their record and concert sales in a class action lawsuit.

At least they didn't try to blame it on the rain. Amirite ladies? see more on Milli Vanilli

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Another of the Mouse House crew, Tisdale came into this world through the same gaping "High School Musical" vagina that also gave birth to Zac David Alexander Efron. Like most of these artists, I am sure that one of the reasons she uses background tracks is because her actual voice needs as much vocal reconstructive surgery as Bruce Jenner's face. see more on Ashley Tisdale

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50 can take a bullet, but it seems that he has some trouble staying on cue for his performances. It's not really his fault though considering he wanted to keep going -- it's just that the track decided against it.

He did cover it well, though. "Just strut around until tech can get everything back on track, 50. You got this. Just keep going..."

I still think he does a better performance with Keenan Cahill:

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Probably the easiest of the group to find errors in her performance, Britney Spears seems to be the Queen of not only Pop but also lip syncing. God bless that woman.

The above clip is probably the most controversial, though. In what was supposed to be her triumphant return to the stage, Britney decided to use the time to slump around the stage in an outfit a tad bit too tight for her and poorly mouth her lines like a zombie.

It's like she had to poop the whole time.

One of my favorite clips though has to be this one taken from a fan video of her "Circus" Tour.

You can clearly see that she screams into her mic but no voice is heard. Either they shut down her vocals extremely quickly, or more likely, it was never on to begin with.

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Really, this is but one of the 14,639 reasons I dislike Mariah Carey. Not only is she a boring performer who's only real talent is being able to communicate with dogs with her incredably annoying vocal runs, but she is just another self righteous performer who has gone on record as saying she would never lip sync:

While she does make her point in saying that she understands people who have energetic performances who should have backing tracks, she says that if you don't have a good reason to do it, you shouldn't. It just doesn't line up since in the first video from GMA, she is not running around and doing anything that could ever be considered cardiovascular, but she clearly is not singing either. Just makes you think.

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