The 13 Greatest Lip Syncing FAILs Bands/Musicians
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The 13 Greatest Lip Syncing FAILs

Lip syncing is what you do when you're more famous than talented. These are videos of celebrities, famous singers and "artists" being caught lip syncing at the worst possible times.

Technology is both a blessing and a curse for the music industry. On one hand, it has made it easier for people without money for studio time to create music out of their bedroom. Unfortunately there is also a dark side to it with the auto-tuning and even worse, lip syncing.

Lip syncing is when an artist, for whatever reason decides that they cannot actually sing in front of the audience that has come and paid for them to do just that, so they have a backing track play during the performance and they just mouth along to it, just like you do in your car -- only with dancing. (We're looking at you, Milli Vanilli.)

Now, there are some cases where lip syncing could be acceptable. First, if you are making a music video since there is no way to perform live and have it turn out sounding good. We'll even let it slide for those singers who actually dance *a lot* and perform in their acts like Michael Jackson, since there is no way, during their higher energy numbers, that they can possibly get enough breath to push out the song and they don’t want to disappoint their fans.

Perfectly fine.

What singers have been caught lip syncing? The issue comes in when you are using the backing track just so you don’t have to do your job. It’s lazy and unprofessional. What’s even worse is when they do it poorly. The list below is the worst cases of lip syncing caught on tape and put on the web.

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    Spice Girls

    Spice Girls - Stop(Live Victoria's Secret... by nono_the_bean

    The Spice Girls were the 90's answer to The Monkees. We all knew that they weren't really all that talented, but man were they ever adorable. So when they came back from their years of retirement, we shouldn't have been at all surprised that they had forgotten how to properly lip sync or, rather, perform. At least they still look adorably, even Scary.

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    Honorable Mention

    So this whole list is about the people who use lip syncing and back tracks poorly, ripping off their audiences by faking their way through their sets.

    There is a way to use these tricks to make a statement however. I wanted to put a few of these examples up because they are amazing.

    First off is a classic from Nirvana. Back in 1991, on the British TV Show, Top of the Pops, Nirvana was scheduled to perform live.

    The producers of the show told them that they had to record a pre-track and then mime their performance during the taping. Kurt Cobain was not at all pleased with this, so in true form, he recorded his voice an octive below his normal singing voice. He also changed the top of the song to the lyrics "Load on drugs and kill your friends". During the performance, Cobain never even tried to look like he was doing any playing, instead choosing to look like the puppet he felt like.

    Finally, the last honorable mention goes to Muse. Like Nirvana before them, you don't ever want to mess with Muse when it comes to their performance. In the first part of the video they... well... I will let you watch and guess:

    Did you see what they did? Maybe? For those who didn't, let me give you a hint, the drummer is not the drummer and the singer is not the singer. That's right, they all switched places. The other parts of the video just showed how you never want to ever make them do playback, from pretending to acting like marionettes.

    So amazing.

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