The 13 Greatest Marriage Proposal FAILs of All Time Anything
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The 13 Greatest Marriage Proposal FAILs of All Time

There are few things more entertaining than the heart-wrenching misery of other people. Some of the greatest moments in cringeworthy Internet videos can be found within the hundreds of videos of people being denied a fair maiden's hand in marriage in some brutal, embarrassing, and public way. So, here are the best (worst?) videos of guys making terrible decisions with what's supposed to be one of the greatest moments of their life (leading to what is probably the worst moment of their life).

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    Man Dresses as a Mascot, Asks GF at Half-Time

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    Nothing quite like turning your engagement into a giant half-time show. This game, apparently, is called "find the mascot while blindfolded."

    Having successfully found the mascot the young girl gets her prize, the Mascot deflates and out of its leathery skin walks her boyfriend, ready to propose.

    This winner, who looks like the kind of guy who actually uses a belt attachment for his cell phone, takes a knee and in an extremely insecure sounding voice says 'baby, baby, baby' while his now ex-girlfriend runs away.

    His biggest mistake? Nobody wants to marry a mascot.

    Special thanks to 2009's Keyboard Cat for providing us with musical stylings and playing the girl out of the stadium.

    The craziest part about some of these is that the girls don't just say no, they RUN out of wherever they are, like they're in danger. Judging by a lot of the guys on this list, though, maybe they are.

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