The 15 Greatest News Reporter Freakouts Anything
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The 15 Greatest News Reporter Freakouts

Being a news reporter is a thankless job. You're basically just reading to people too lazy to look at a newspaper or a website, which explains my favorite kind of news blooper. Because there are endless kinds on the internet, YouTube is riddled with them. But the freakout. Oh, the freakout. The freakout is the most uncomfortable, surreal, and hilarious kind. Whenever these happen, which is actually more often than you'd expect, the results are absolutely hilarious.

So what news reporter had the "best" meltdown? That depends on your point of view. If you love TV reporter meltdowns, then take a look at this list and watch poetry in motion.
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    Reporter Can't Hear During GOP Party

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    Trying to have a conversation at a party can be tough as it is. There are loud noises all around you, people dancing, running around, having fun, and all while you're trying to have a side-part and wear a suit. Imagine trying to do a serious report from one. That's what this poor guy was attempting at the GOP party after Ronald Reagan's election.

    There's no way to tell how many times he was trying to get that one perfect take, but it's a safe bet it never came.

    "Can anybody hear me?" Decades later, yes, we hear you, and think this is hilarious.

    The last interruption is, by far, the best.

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