The 13 Greatest Zombies in Video Games Video Games
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The 13 Greatest Zombies in Video Games

So, it's zombie awareness month, apparently, so here are the greatest individual zombies of all time, but like in most things horror, there are rules. 

THE RULES: First things first - SPECIFIC CHARACTERS! I could toss out boomers, tanks, and lickers all day, but they're just "types" o zombie. In the grand scheme, nothing too special about them or unique. Second, these are characters that have to have come back from the dead. No Characters that "beat" death by way of necromancy (looking at you Dark Priest Shaft and Chakan The Forever Man). Third, they have to have bodies, so no ghosts and/or poltergeists.Finally, no vampires, as they fall into their own classification, and will one day get their own list.

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    13. The First Zombie (Resident Evil 1)

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    First things last, right?

    Sure there have been plenty other zombies out there that were more threatening, scarier, or actually had some sort of relevance on the plot.

    But (and I know I'm aging myself here) for those of us playing the original Resident Evil when it originally came out, turning the corner and seeing this guy, the only words were along the lines of. . .

    "HOLY S**TBALLS! ! IT'S A GODDAMN ZOMBIE! KILL IT! Oh crap oh crap oh crap, , why do I only have this worthless knife!? Oh go oh god oh god - and I'm dead! Thank's a lot Chris!"


    That is to say, it was an indelible moment of apprehension that we eloquently responded to with modest titillation and delight.

    This moment, hitting all of now-older gamers way back in 1996, was brought to us by that unnamed, pale, bald zombie. Good job zombie!

    But seriously, how in the nine hells of Rosie O'Donnell did Chris somehow lose his gun in the 52 seconds it took to get inside the mansion from when he was shooting at those dogs? Personally I think he never let it down, and this single act of idiocy gave him a severe inadequacy complex. How else do you explain his decade at the gym that turned him into Conan the freaking barbarian?

    Chris Redfield - Gaming's foremost expert on boulder punching.

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