The 13 Hottest Girls Who Turned 18 in 2012

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List Criteria: Girls born in 1994 who are hot now because of age and science.

These girls were all born in 1994. Let that sink in. Kurt Cobain was always just a story to them. Green Day's Dookie, Weezer's Blue Album and NIN's Downward Spiral could possibly be one of these girls's "Top Album from the Month I Was Born" album. Pulp Fiction, Speed and Dumb and Dumber came out that year and you probably saw them in THEATRES. O.J. Simpson was chased down in his white Ford Bronco by police and was allowed to turn himself in. There we go. Now that we've got some perspective, enjoy all these insanely hot, legal, pictures of these girls, sorry, women (awww yeah), that were magically put together by perverted, pop-culture inclined elves of the internet. These are the girls who turn 18 in 2012 and who will be legal as hell from here on in. Get ready to feel old (and wrong).

You should be ashamed of yourself. Check out these totally legal hot 18 year olds. These sexy 18 year old girls! In 2012, that is. Now they're even MORE fair game.
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    22 THIS IS A BONUS ITEMSometimes I'm not a perfect man. So, because I owe the world this, here is a girl that I missed last year. She arguably should've won the award, but was not on the radar yet since

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    Toma Barkova is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list The 13 Hottest Girls Who Turned 18 in 2012

    Toma Barkova Barely Legal Toma Barkova is a model who's been featured in Bambi magazine. She's a Russian supermodel who you should be seeing on the arm of a sports star or rich and flighty actor sometime in the

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    21 Courtney Stodden is the person I'm most ashamed of putting on this list. And it's not because it makes me feel like a dirty old man (because it doesn't, she looks like a 30 year-old transvestite

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    21 A Disney Channel supporting star, it's safe to say that drugs are in her future but so is success and money so hey there's always that. She plays Paisley Houndstooth on the show A.N.T. Farm and

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    22 Three years ago Laura Neiva starred in a critically-acclaimed film she made when she was 14 about a young woman going through her sexual awakening after learning of her father's infidelity. To

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    21 We saw Dakota Fanning grow up. She's an extremely talented and wonderfully intelligent, beautiful and well-respected actress that decided, for some reason, to star in the Twilight films. Maybe because

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    Keke Lindgard is listed (or ranked) 7 on the list The 13 Hottest Girls Who Turned 18 in 2012

    Keke Lindgard Keke Lindgard is a French model who turned 18 this year and she is super hot and look at this video of her where you will fall in lust with her. 

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    21 This is kind of a surprise. I never would've been able to tell you that the fat, curly-haired, weird-faced little girl from Weeds would ever become a beautiful woman, but I guess that's just what

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    Emma Lockheart is listed (or ranked) 9 on the list The 13 Hottest Girls Who Turned 18 in 2012

    Emma Lockheart This list is becoming such a stretch that I'm going to pitch it to a yoga studio. Remember the little girl who plays a young Rachel in Batman Begins? THIS IS HER NOW! Fun Fact: ALSO in

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    21 The cute girl with the glasses from Degrassi: The Next Generation is finally 18! She played easily the most likable character on the series (that I never ever watched, shut the hell up Kevin Smith

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    21 Another young Canadian starlet who's come out of a long-running TV show, Jessica Amlee plays Mallory Wells on the CBC show Heartland. It's kind of like a Dawson's Creek/90210/Gossip Girl only it takes

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    21 The little girl from Jersey Girl is now all grown up and looks like this. She got to act alongside George Carlin. This is weird.

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    Amelia Lily is listed (or ranked) 13 on the list The 13 Hottest Girls Who Turned 18 in 2012

    Amelia Lily Amelia Lily is super British and a former X-Factor finalist that got famous by being a contestant on that show, which they take as seriously in the UK as we took American Idol 10 years ago. Her

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    21 Denyse Tontz is an up and coming Nickelodeon star that will probably have a nostalgia factor for kids being born right now. She's in a show called Big Time Rush, which is kind of Nickelodeon's

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