The 13 Hottest Gorillamask Spank Bank Hotties of Summer 2012 Anything
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The 13 Hottest Gorillamask Spank Bank Hotties of Summer 2012

Every day, the fine gentlemen over at hook us up with a different non-nude (non-nude as in, they're technically wearing something) hottie. So, since it gets pretty daunting to keep up with them all, and this was one damn hot summer, here's the summer's roundup in the hottest, greatest and most memorable "Spank Bank" posts by GorillaMask in the summer of the year of Our Lord 2012. God bless America.

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    Nicci Pisarri

    Nicci Pisarri first came on the scene as a Maxim Hometown Hottie and has since become a swimsuit/underwear model.

    Like much of these girls, she spends her time getting paid to take her clothes off and make poses for dudes taking pictures for dudes using pictures. And she's really damn good at it.

    I mean, look. This is ridiculous.

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    Hillary Fischer appeared on the 2010 Spank Bank list as one of the hottest girls, and also topped the "all time" list as one of the most often posted girls on GorillaMask's Spank Bank. She's tan, amazing looking and has some of the hottest galleries GorillaMask has to offer.

    Click here for her latest, where she wears cutoff shorts that look like they were created by throwing a pair of jeans into a wood chipper.

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    Jenna B

    Jenna B chooses to identify herself on Gorillamask's Spank Bank the same way a substitute teacher would if there were multiple Jennas in the class. She's not even the MAIN Jenna.

    Look at her. How could she not be the main Jenna?

    Here are pictures of her all wet with pigtails in a bikini sucking on a popsicle.

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    Candace has enormous breasts, is very tan, and looks like she could beat the everloving sh*t out of you.

    Here are pictures of her looking really f*cking hot.

    That is all.

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    Abby Clancy

    What if you mixed up Robin Wright Penn when she was hot in the 90s and Elisabeth Shue NOW? Well, then you would have Abbey Clancy, who really could only have more British a name if it ended in "shire" or "ton".

    In her set she is up against a blonde wall, with blonde hair and a blonde colored bathing suit. Basically, she really wants people to remember two things:

    1) Someone spent at least an hour on her smokey-eyed makeup and...
    2) She is blonde.

    Here are a bunch of pictures of her looking super hot and equally blonde.

  6. 6
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    - 17

    Jesikah Maximus

    Jesikah Maximus, whose name is clearly an homage to one thing about who she is (her father, Maximus Maximus III, ruler of Assland, where she was conceived).

    I've omitted part of her face (click here to see her full face and more) because her posterior needs to take precedence over everything in your life right now. Like it does hers.

    At least you know she's safe from drowning due to her built-in flotation device.

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