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The 13 Hottest Video Game Voice Over Actresses

We hear these women's voices more often than we do real women's voices who aren't our moms. From the entire roster of Lara Croft voices, to the voices of some of the hottest character from games like Mass Effect, The Old Republic, Kingdom Hearts and more, here are the hottest voice actresses in the video game business today. Trying to put a face to that sexy female voice? You've come to the right place.

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    Or as you might know her, Yvonne Strahovski, has changed her name a few times -- from a really hard to pronounce at first reading Polish last name, to a just kind of hard to pronounce at first reading Polish last name.

    She's an Australian actress whose body (and acting) is featured in the hit NBC show Chuck that was actually really cute and entertaining for the three seasons. There's always at least one self-aware, gratuitous shot of some of her curves in pretty much every episode of Chuck. She's come to be one of the hottest women on television for these moments and for the fact that she's actually not bad at the whole acting thing.

    More importantly, she's Mass Effect's Miranda Lawson, a genetically enhanced woman who looks as almost genetically superior to every human being as Strahovski herself.

    Not only does she play one of the most major characters in one of the best gaming franchises of the last 10 years, but she actually does so well. Like, really well. Her voice acting isn't stinted, overdone and it doesn't sound like a person holding a gun the size of two toddlers is speaking to everyone like they're 5. She sounds like a person, and she's hot, so, hats off to this wonderful, beautiful, talented lady.

    And now, of course, one of the Miranda Lawson's sex scenes, voiced, of course, by none other than this wonderful blonde lady we've been talking about for waaay too long in this list so far:

    FUN BONUS: She's one of those people that, when asked about gaming, says she's "really into Angry Birds"... but like... she means business...

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    C'mon, it's Eliza Dushku. She got behind and voiced a game called "Wet". That alone is hot enough to get her on this list.

    You might know her as that chick that stripped for DJ Qualls in The New Guy. (God rest your soul if you've seen that movie... I paid to see it in theatres. I know, I know. There should be a support group.)

    Or, more notably as Faith from Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel, or the main character Echo in Joss Whedon's worst show Dollhouse or the equally just-kind-of-alright Tru Calling as "Tru".

    She's voiced Yumi in the English version of the game Yakuza, Shaundi in Saints Row 2, the main character (Rubi) in Wet and more!

    And now, for some of her finer voice work.

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    Tricia Helfer has never NOT been the hottest girl playing someone hot in a nerdy property. Blowing everyone away as Caprica/Six in Battlestar Galactica (with one the first roles of her career), she spends a lot of the series in a tight red dress, seductively talking to Gaius Baltar. (Click here to see her nude poses from a photo book.)

    Just like she does in Spider-Man: Web of Shadows, where every line she delivers in the game can basically be looped continuously while watching adult videos on the internet. Or so I've heard.

    *sirens sound outside my window*

    In addition to her great work on that game, she's also done the voice of Sarah Kerrigan in Starcraft II, the EDI voice in Mass Effect and the voice of that girl you REALLY want to save in ODST, but just can't seem to be able to (unless I was doing it wrong) and Command and Conquer.

    Here's a great sample of her hottest video game performance ever (unless you're into robotic voices, then her EDI performance is probably more you're bag and you probably should speak to someone -- someone real -- about it). Watch her act CIRCLES around the dude who plays Spider-Man

    BONUS: Here's some dude who decided to photoshop pictures of Tricia Helfer to make it look like she dressed up as Black Cat at some point, made into a slideshow/montage set to what sounds like Creed, but is actually just as bad... new Metallica. What. The. F*ck.

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    I had no idea she voiced Kairi (your main love interest) from Kingdom Hearts before this. Kingdom Hearts, apparently, got just about the hottest voice cast they possibly could.

    Hayden Panettiere played Claire the cheerleader in Heroes before it got rightfully cancelled, starred in that one Bring It On movie that basically has the same plot as a Kung Fu movie (where she swears never to cheer again, but is forced to in order to help a rag tag group make it to the championships... I'm not kidding) and as the hot girl that loves horror movies and has the adorable little T-Rex arms from Scream 4.

    Her biggest achievement in video game voice work, though, is playing Kairi from Kingdom Hearts in every single iteration of the game.

    I'd give her my paopu fruit (I'm so sorry for that joke).

    Here she is playing Kairi. Mind. Blown. (And well. Done.)

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    Ever since she became "All That", Rachael Leigh Cook has kept a relatively low profile, sticking mostly to TV movies and, of course, Video Games. Playing the role of Tifa Lockhart in the last few iterations of Kingdom Hearts II and the recent Dissida 012: Final Fantasy, being a voice in Star Wars: The Old Republic, and playing the non-Eliza Dushku chick in Yakuza, Rachel Leigh Cook's voice hasn't left us alone recently.

    also ranked
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    She played f*cking Aerith. Yes, it was only in Kingdom Hearts, but she played Aerith. I mean, she wasn't great at it, but she still did it. And it was awesome. And just that very thing belongs on this list because it was kind of a "holy shi*t" moment in the game where she and Cloud talk, even after what's happened in FF VII.

    It's like they know

    Kingdom Hearts was a game where seeing Aerith came out of NOWHERE for me. She was gone... she was, like, GONE. And then she wasn't. Mandy Moore is not only hotter than any other American voice actress that's ever portrayed Aerith, but she was the one who voiced her when I had that "aww" moment in KH where you actually get her as a character again.

    In case you didn't play Final Fantasy VII here's what losing Aerith is like:

    Enter Mandy Moore, teen pop idol from the 90s and overall hottie, to voice this awesome, iconic character in games. It not only worked out perfectly, but her voice talents (that have now been lent out to many an animated movie including a new Disney princess in Tangled) make it that much more awesome.


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