The 13 Most Bizarre Foreign McDonald's Commercials TV Programs
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The 13 Most Bizarre Foreign McDonald's Commercials

McDonalds may have started in America over 50 years ago, but today it exists in almost every country on Earth. And who's going to buy fast food from another country without commercials -- off-putting, kinda creepy and seemingly completely irrelevant, fever-dream commercials. These commercials are way different that what Americans are used to, especially from McDonald's.

What are some of the strangest McDonalds commercials? There are some weird ones abroad, believe it or not. But McDonald's is an international company now, so their commercials need to reflect the specific country and its culture.

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    The Beard Shake

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    First of all, what they're doing here is cruel. What happens in this commercial is physically impossible, unless that guy was carrying around a dairy-beard the whole time, and even then, it would get gross after a while. The girl wouldn't be happy, she would be sad, from being poisoned and all.

    This is a lie. Just like years ago when Tropicana fooled small children as myself into thinking that you could really stick a straw into an orange and drink it.

    This isn't so strange because it's foreign and we don't understand it, it's strange because, sociologically, the last thing you should ever have in a commercial for, or starring, a woman is her growing facial hair. Of course, this facial hair might have a hair more positive cultural significance in the commercial's context than the facial hair of an American woman pretty much anywhere, but implying (even though most people assume this) that McDonald's drinks will turn you into some kind of freak of nature with horrible, terrifying human deformities, is just bad marketing.

    How many girls do you know will flock to McDonald's for a shake that makes them a walking Testosterone factory?

    OBLIGATORY: If that’s the beard she gets on her face, then… blah, blah, blah vagina joke.

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