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guns The 12 Most Epic Hot Girl Gun FAILs  

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These hot chicks have two tickets to the gun show (and have absolutely no upper arm strength). Here are the greatest close-call gun accidents in (non-fictional) hot girl gun history. Sure, the dudes often have better videos, but the hot girls sometimes wear bikinis. These hot girls simply can't handle a weapon, making them probably not the safest hands for a firearm to be in. That's the spirit of what this list celebrates. Hot chicks with guns!

Who are the most epic hot girl gun FAILs? This list certainly provides a really good start. The girls on this list probably wish they didn't have someone rolling tape, or at minimum, probably hoped that they'd be better able to handle a gun. Oh well. I mean.... hot girls with guns!

Watch these hotties with guns give it a go but ultimately fail spectacularly/

Russian Hotties Fail With AK's

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Like most of these videos, this is basically one enormous "here it cooooooomes," until the girl actually shoots the gun and either all hell breaks loose, or they realize they're girls and drop the gun or something... well, in this one, this girl fires off a few rounds, and then lets the gun drive her aim to the right, almost shooting the camera man – kind of like a cartoon, only for some reason, it didn't lift her off the ground as her legs flailed in the air (maybe it was just being a gentleman).

This video gets the edge here in that not only is this the biggest close-call, but she is quite possibly the hottest chick on this list. She's firing an AK and is a Nordic hottie who looks like she should be exactly where she is, only in a bikini with U.S. Army warpaint and a cigar in her mouth, holding that there gun she can't control up in the air with confidence.

Limp Wrist Big Gun

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Video: YouTube
These people apparently live in a neighborhood where porches are treated like the command bow of a pirate ship, because not only can you openly shoot guns on your porch, but you must wear standard protective neon green so that the neighbors don't mistake you for being an animal all decked out in glasses and ear protection and shoot you.

So, this girl takes her first shot of a gun and she gets that "holy s**t" moment that makes watching this video worth it. When someone completely fails at holding on to a gun, it's extra scary because of three things:

1. The initial gunshot itself startled them
2. This caused them to lose control of the gun, which THEN startles them again.
3. When the gun is either regained or dropped, there's a moment apparent in everyone's face that says "holy crap... someone could've been shot."

That is why whenever this happens, these videos allow you to view an incredibly dangerous situation from the comfort and safety of your home.

Hot Blonde With A Big Gun

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Video: YouTube
This hot blonde takes a knee at the beginning of this video.

After she does this, she takes aim, stands her ground, has perfect form in the way she positions her wrists. She pulls the trigger.

The recoil of the blast knocks her on her back, sending the gun flying everywhere around, potentially killing absolutely everyone else that was around (including the cameraman).

The result? Everyone laughs their asses off nervously and we get a shot of the potentially-killer cutie.

Sexiest Casing Catcher Ever

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Video: YouTube
You never see this. When someone is shooting a gun, there are casings that come out of it. The fact that this is the first time in my pop culture viewing life that I have seen this makes me ashamed, appalled, and disappointed at pop culture for not doing it sooner.

At 1:14, this incredibly hot girl (who, if you watch her other videos, is not just a badass, but could shoot you down from a football field away in two shots) shoots a 44 MAG & a 357 MAG, with hilarious consequences, which I'm sure you can infer from the title. We think you'll be pleasantly surprised...

Female Popeye Meets Desert Eagle

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Video: YouTube
If this woman were any heavier, the joke "more like dessert Eagle, amirite?" would have been made. But she's not, so let's move on...

This woman who, admittedly isn't so much traditional hot as much as she is "homeless hot" or "real life Linda Hamilton Sarah Conner hot," is being taught to shoot a gun. Either that or she is just REALLY bad at shooting, and the worst soldier of all time, because last time we checked, she was wearing freaking camouflage.

You can guess what happens in this video (other than her sticking her tongue out only to be verbally owned for what she was doing at the time she was doing it). Girl gets ready to shoot gun, girl severely underestimates the recoil... girl gets owned physically by gravity and momentum.

Hottie Gets A Headache

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Video: YouTube
This has to have been staged, but not by the girl – by everyone else involved in this video.

Watch it closely, they have a perfect angle on her where her back is turned away from the camera. Some guy in sweat pants comes up behind this late-teens (we swear) girl and puts his crotch/body right where her head is going to go if she falls back from the recoil just before she shoots.

Also, in the replay, please notice that if it weren't for the guy's crotch that he put in the way of her head, she wouldn't have bounced off of his hard-on and hit her eye as hilariously as she did.

But yeah, this whole thing was staged, and there was a victim.

Back... and to the left... back... and to the left.

Blonde In A Bikini Almost Eats It

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Video: YouTube
"I'm shooting a gun!"

This hot blonde pulls a really hot blonde move (at least, according to all the porn I've ever seen, which is really a plentiful, varied, ungodly amount of porn) and announces what she's doing before she's going to do this. Only hot chicks that want attention for what they're doing (and the "Jackass" guys) announce what they do before they do it.

Anyway, this video doesn't feature much more than a close call, and she doesn't even get that hurt. Why does it make the list? Because it is still a FAIL, and 99% is because she's wearing a bikini.

Watch Where You Point That Thing

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Video: YouTube
Watch this girl hold a Yosemite Sam-sized gun while her boyfriend/friend/guy who probably wants to bang her holds her shoulders, because obviously, these guys have seen all these videos before and want to prevent her from completely FAILing (and most likely killing one of them).

This girl has great posture, has a whole other person behind her, and seems to have strong enough forearms... but this gun treats her like a "Looney Tunes" character so much so that because she wasn't supporting the back of the gun (just like you do a baby's) it flipped around and nearly pointed right at her chest.

She almost shot herself in the chest. Talk about a close call.