The 13 Most Epic WebCam Girl FAILs Anything
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The 13 Most Epic WebCam Girl FAILs

There is nothing better than watching epic webcam fails – especially when it's of girls who think they look fabulous getting caught. These 13 webcam fails of girls dancing, hair whipping, and trying to be some kind of contemporary gymnast will have you laughing like a jerk until you fall out of your chair and commit your own webcam fail crime.

If you're looking for the best examples of girls failing on webcam, then this is the place to be. One of the biggest differences between videos of guys and girls is that guys generally avoid the webcam humiliation – and this list shows us why. With so many examples of what could go wrong, why would anyone choose to try? This list shows some of the most epic and pathetic webcam girl fails for your own amusement.

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    Hot Girl with Tattoos is Caught Dancing by Her Gardeners

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    There are few things hotter than a girl with tattoo sleeves. Girls with sleeves are seriously what make the world go round. They could really have baby seals getting killed by orphans who haven't eaten for nine months while pandas fail at reproducing in the background as their sleeves, and their sleeves would still make them a million times hotter. 

    So this video (which some think is fake because seriously, she can't see herself on the webcam?) features a hot girl wearing mis-matched underwear. She's bleach-blonde and decides to make a webcam video for her boyfriend or, perhaps, the Internet. Either way, this thing is going to have an audience.

    This camgirl's a bad dancer, like most chicks on this list, because she's white. Either that or she hasn't passed her final exam for stripper school. Either way, this girl does the strip-dancing equivalent of holding your date's shoulders during a slow dance in middle school – just the bare bones minimum.

    So, as she dances for the camera, playing with her hair and touching herself all over, she's typing to whomever she's dancing for and is engrossed in what she's doing so much that she doesn't notice the towel she put over her blinds (why didn't she just use the blinds?) came down, exposing her to the two gardeners working outside. The gardeners watch until they get discovered. Hilarity ensues.

    This is funny for three reasons:

    1. She thinks people care about what she has to say (even though she's probably just denying nude requests).

    2. The guys in the chatroom watching her dance DON'T TELL HER THAT OTHER DUDES ARE THERE. This is probably the best part. She's baring it all for some horny, lonely dudes on the Internet, and they don't even have the common decency to tell her she's being watched by actual people. 

    3. The gardeners make absolutely NO ATTEMPT to hide themselves or the fact that they're watching her. What the hell – do they think that she can't see them? Not only this, but the first guy notices, does a double take, and then registers what is happening and approaches the window slowly, like he's just seen something as unbelievable as an alien landing. (Arguably, he had). 

    He calls his buddy over and they just stand there, watching in awe, taking in the view until she sees them; they run and she desperately tries to get the towel back up, again, instead of using her blinds. WTF, lady?

    BONUS: the original guy who saw her is wearing a spoof of a SUBWAY sandwiches shirt that instead says "Zombies: Eat Fresh."

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