The 13 Most Horrible Bosses of All Time Anything
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The 13 Most Horrible Bosses of All Time

We've all had a bad boss or two, one that makes us stay later than we want to, doesn't pay us enough or makes us do demeaning things for her/him like take out their trash when it's full. Bad bosses get a lot worse than that, though. From firing a woman who just donated a kidney to her boss, to a boss that made employees tattoo his birthday on their necks, to a boss who installed sniper towers and canons when workers asked for a raise, these are the worst, most horrible, bad bosses of all time.

Who are the worst bosses ever? If you think you've got it bad, just read a few of these and come into work tomorrow morning at peace with the fact that your bad boss isn't going to fire you over bringing him/her a flat Coke or liking a Facebook page. All of the bad bosses you've ever had ain't got nothin on the worst bosses of all time. And if they do, maybe it's time you looked for a better place to work (i.e. the streets).

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    Woman Donates Kidney to Boss, Gets Fired

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    Debbie Stevens, a Long Island mother who sources could only describe as "kind and generous", donated a kidney to save her boss's life. The woman was then fired soon after, by the very same boss to whom she donated the kidney.

    "I decided to become a kidney donor to my boss, and she took my heart," she said.

    After temporarily moving away and taking another job elsewhere, Stevens decided to visit her old town in Long Island and meet up with her former employer, Jackie Brucia. Brucia had told her all about her health problems and that she had a kidney donor all lined up. Stevens, the kind-hearted, wonderful woman she is, then offered to donate her own kidney nonetheless, should she ever need it.

    A few months go by and Stevens moves back to Long Island indefinitely, asking her old boss for her old job back. A few weeks later, she has a job. The boss, Jackie Brucia, let Stevens work for a while before calling her into the office and telling her that her kidney fell through.

    Stevens quickly donated her kidney, which actually wasn't a perfect match, but it did help Brucia get up higher on the donor list. So Stevens donated her kidney to someone else so that Brucia could have a quicker transplant. This woman is a saint.

    Soon afterward Brucia kept asking the woman who'd just donated a kidney (which is a very painful process for the donors and includes all kinds of digestive problems and body pain) "What are you doing? Why aren't you at work? You can't just come and go as you please. People are going to think you're getting special treatment."

    If you're a co-worker of a person who just donated a kidney to the boss, not only are you going to have compassion for them already (I have a hard time giving a day of my weekend to my boss), but you're going to understand if invasive surgery keeps them out of the office for a few days.

    Stevens was then moved to another dealership (these are all car dealers, by the way) 50 miles away from her home in a high-crime neighborhood that her co-workers jokingly called "Siberia". She was being punished for the medical implications of saving her boss's life. She was then fired. Lawyers were involved and the woman still does not work there anymore.


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