The 13 Most Horrible Firework Accidents

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Firework accidents, with videos, are a shocking reminder of what can happen when fireworks go wrong. This list of the most horrible accidents that have been caught on tape involving fireworks. Once you've seen one nasty firework injury, you'll never look at festive pyrotechnics the same way. These terrifying videos of fireworks accidents and mishaps will make you think twice before getting fancy with your next big fireworks display.

What are the worst firework disasters caught on video? Fireworks are a staple of celebrations here in the U.S. and throughout the world, but something that people tend to forget about them is that THEY ARE EXPLOSIVES. So turn on "Stars & Stripes Forever" and enjoy the explosions and the horrible, horrible tragedies (in no particular order). If your reaction to a firecracker accident reveals that you're the type of person that gets laughs at the expense of others' well-being, I suggest checking out these cheerleader fails.
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