The 13 Most Ridiculous Yearbook Controversies Anything
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The 13 Most Ridiculous Yearbook Controversies

Inspired by events caused by a list that set off a national yearbook controversy in 2011 that made a lot of parents very angry, here's a list of the most ridiculous yearbook controversies in recent memory. From scandalous outfits, to accidental nudity, to some really, horribly racist practical jokes, here are thirteen yearbook controversies that teach us all that hey, maybe someone should be proofreading these things.

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    Hidden Message Flips 'Em the Bird

    A student decided to have the words "F*ck Y'all" hidden somehow on the cover of the yearbook.

    Shaker Heights High made their mistake when they decided to choose a student to illustrate their 2009 yearbook cover, but the student turned out to be kind of contrarian. Instead of taking his honored role seriously, like any boring person would do, he drew a picture that looked okay at first sight but contained a secret "F*ck y'all" message at further inspection. Kind of like a Magic Eye, only controversial.

    You do kind of have to hand it to the kid for how he pulled it off. Apparently you have to turn the book upside down to really see the words.

    Not sneaky enough though, since he was caught. The student gave his sincere apologies and then went on to work for Disney.


  2. 2

    Lesbian Student Excluded For Wearing Tuxedo

    Ceara Sturgis wanted to be different for her yearbook picture. Instead of the typical frilly dress or low-cut blouse, the openly gay student in Mississippi wore a tuxedo for her photo, but school officials gave it the big thumbs down and just completely excluded her from the yearbook altogether.

    It's really not the school's fault, though, and they were totally in the right because sources say that the entire school was accidentally sucked into a time vortex that transported all of them back to the 1950's and, you know, "it was a different time".

    Her mother, Veronica Rodriguez, told the Jackson Free Press that "they didn't even put her name in it."

    All because the girl felt more comfortable in clothes that expressed who she was than say, a costume? Rodriguez claimed that the school "yet again crapped on [Ceara] and made her feel alienated."

    Even with a letter from the American Civil Liberties Union demanding that Ceara's photo be included in the yearbook, the Copiah County School District still refused. Apparently, district officials have prior legal cases backing up their decision.


  3. 3

    16-Year-Old Coocha Exposed in Photo

    First of all, yes, I went with "coocha".

    One 16-year-old student's vagina made it into the yearbook, which hey, when I was her age, I barely made it into the yearbook at all, so at least she got in past her school picture. What? Just trying to find the positives here.

    On picture day, the girl in question showed up to school without wearing underwear so as to not create panty lines in her yearbook photos.

    Well, there's no panty lines, but there were lines...

    The underage girl took her photo sitting in the front row in a green dress, but what set her apart from her "Pottery Club" peers was her coocha hanging out for the Sickles High School and beyond to see.

    Thousands of copies of the yearbook were already printed and handed out before students discovered her exposed body part.

    The girl admitted that she indeed did not wear underwear and her mom said she would not force her to go back to school because of the revealing and embarrassing photo. Hey, she could just find work at Victoria's Secret. And maybe invest in some thongs.

    Any person who wears a skirt learns this lesson at some point, this poor girl just had to do so, unfortunately, the hard way. Also, I'm sure the news reports featuring her real voice, her yearbook picture and her blanked out face (which c'mon, anyone who goes to her school knows who it is) didn't help at all.


  4. 4

    A Girl is Remembered as "Black Girl"

    This, is a total fail. Sure, a lot of things went wrong in a lot of these stories, but this is one of the biggest fails in yearbook fail history. How the hell do you even-no, no... I'll let you read the story yourself.

    Waxahachie High School isn't exactly known for its diversity and in a photo for the National Honor Society where there was only one black person in a sea of white people (they live in Texas), the yearbook staff drew a blank on the girl's name. She wasn't the same color as them, after all. So, they did what anyone does when they can't remember something: they put in a placeholder for her name. They labeled her only as "Black Girl," to be returned to when her name was discovered. Her name was to be changed back and everything would be fine.

    Here's the kicker: they never got around to changing her name. Yes, "Black Girl" was still only known to the school as "Black Girl." Everyone go back a few years and let's all get our Fight Club style group-think going and say it. "Her name is Shadoyia Jones".

    At least they capitalized "Black Girl" correctly...?...


  5. 5

    Funny Face is Considered Gang-Affiliated

    The fact that the headline for this could have been "Girl Accused of Throwing a Gang Sign with Her Face" shows how absurd this story was in general.

    So, just because "Goofy" and "Gangster" both start with Gs, James Madison High School's teachers got really confused (and this is who's teaching our children?) and decided they were one in the same.

    When administrators at James Madison High School saw the funny face 15-year-old Charlie Patton made in her yearbook photo, they flipped a lid. Clearly, this bright young girl's silly face would mean the end of all that is holy and would unleash hell and disorder upon the entire school district.

    For the offensive look, get this (and prepare yourself): a wide gaping grin, big surprised eyes, messy hair.

    The school officials, who had their sense of humor surgically removed, decided that this was not funny... but then they took it just a tad too far.

    They compared her positive, light-hearted expression to that of throwing up gang signs. Yes, gang signs. I'm not one for violence, but I would love to see whatever gang they thought this girl was representing have an all out war with a rival gang... perhaps one that wears frowns?

    Since when is smiling too big indicative of gang behavior? Maybe these teachers saw West Side Story one too many times.

    School officials released a statement saying, "Since the yearbook represents the school and the students, the goal is to have every student presented in the best light...Students who make inappropriate faces or gestures or who do not follow the school dress code in their yearbook photos are asked to retake their photo free of charge."

    It's a good thing that even through all the unnecessary drama, Charlie Patton is still smiling (as seen in the video above).


  6. 6

    A High School Poll Page Discusses Sex Opinions, Drug Familarity

    High school yearbooks often have a lot of fun with the survey page. It's a chance to present to the world (or the 0.01% of the world that actually have and look at yearbooks, as this is primarily an American tradition) the class of [insert every year ever here] and relive some of the trends experienced throughout the year.

    Innocent, right?

    Well, not so much for Pflugerville High School in Texas. The yearbook staff there decided to take a different spin on traditional surveys and instead asked students touchy questions like what they feel about sex, nicknames they've used for illegal drugs and the amount of times they drink on a regular basis; which, in my day, wouldn't have gotten past the initial idea phase.

    There's even an entire page devoted to teen pregnancy (naturally). It features an expecting high school couple as well as a sonogram of their baby. All this was supposed to encourage kids to be responsible but parents, of course, just don't understand.

    The district received a lot of phone calls and e-mails about the 2-page spread but released a statement saying that "The Pflugerville High School yearbook is a publication written by students for students and reflects the issues and trends at PHS in a given year. Each yearbook is a unique representation of the school's student body. Content is approved by a faculty advisor, and in this case, by the principal before publication. Pflugerville High School respects the viewpoint of parents and welcomes the opportunity to speak with them personally about their concerns."

    Which kind of sets the tone that for every generation, there are just different standards of what's okay, and the fact that any parents get outraged about (non-racist, nudity or murder-related) things in yearbooks is pretty unfounded and ridiculous.

    Also, a really uplifting part about kids today and the video above, and probably the only positive to come out of the whole thing is that, apparently, the girl in the wheelchair is getting some. And that is awesome. These kids are awesome.

    Moving on...


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