The 20 Most Sexually Aggressive Cartoon Characters

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These classic, lovable characters from TV, movies, and our childhoods are all known for one thing: their unwanted sexual advances. These are the most sexual cartoon characters ever. And although you love them and there's nothing actually wrong with their existence, here's a list of the most lascivious cartoon characters of all time and why, in the real world, all of them would be in jail.

Who are the dirtiest, sensual cartoon characters ever? Everyone on this list from Pepe Le Pew, to Herbert from Family Guy to Gaston from Beauty and the Beast, doesn't really get the whole meaning of "no means no" and kind of just assumes that they're a sexy cartoon when, most of the time, they're really, really REALLY not. Some of the dirtiest Pepe le Pew cartoon episodes feature him getting positively assaultive with the poor cats that cross his path, and he's not necessarily even the most deviant cartoon character of the bunch.

From oddly sexy cartoon animals to seductive animated "humans," these overly sexual cartoon characters can't help but make you cringe with their sexual forwardness.
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