The 13 Most Sexually Aggressive Cartoon Characters Fictional Characters
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The 13 Most Sexually Aggressive Cartoon Characters

These classic, lovable characters from TV, movies and our childhoods are all known for one thing: their unwanted sexual advances. These are the most sexual cartoons, well cartoon characters, ever. And although we love them and there's nothing actually wrong with their existence, here's a list of the most lascivious cartoon characters of all time and why, in the real world, all of them would be in jail.

Who are the dirtiest cartoon characters ever? Everyone on this list from Pepe Le Pew, to Herbert from "Family Guy" to Gaston from Beauty and the Beast, doesn't really get the whole meaning of "no means no" and kind of just assumes that they're a sexy cartoon when, most of the time, they're really, really REALLY not. Some of the dirtiest Pepe le Pew cartoon episodes feature him getting positively rapey with the poor cats that cross his path, and he's not necessarily the most deviant cartoon character of the bunch.

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    Pepe Le Pew is basically that guy who has high self esteem BEFORE he starts drinking and then gets really handsy when he's drunk. I mean, c'mon, look at this.

    Chuck Jones, creator of Pepe Le Pew, modeled the character after his friend Tedd Pierce who considered himself a ladies man and, for some reason, always assumed that his sexual exploits were requited.

    The premise of each and every one of Pepe Le Pew's cartoons (although hilarious) is that the poor guy has perpetual emotional blue balls throughout his entire Skunk life. There are no other skunks around (which brings me to the conclusion that he's probably just not going to the right places), so whenever he sees someone that he thinks is a skunk (most often a black cat who accidentally gets white paint on them via walking under a fence or car that has just been painted white), he just up and goes for it.

    Now, not being a "person", Pepe Le Pew gets the leeway of "alright, he's an animal and a male animal that sees a female animal assumes that they want to procreate". But as one of the most popular members of the Looney Tunes crew, he teaches children that no doesn't mean no, but that no means "you should just try harder."

    Check out this clip (embedded) that shows Mr. Le Pew forcing himself on a poor, unsuspecting cat. Imagine if you were him, and instead of a weird, painted cat that can't talk (but for some reason you can), it was a girl at a bar.

    If you started kissing someone's arm, holding them against their will while they try and get away and professed your delusional, undying love for them, you would most likely get arrested.

    This is the point I'm trying to make. These women (cats) don't want to procreate, they just want to walk around and say "Le" all the time.

    What's the worst part? The fact THIS IS HIS M.O. He will never change. This is what he's KNOWN for: taking unwilling women and harassing them to the point of either violence, moving away or misery and then happily, passively moving onto the next when the current one is "used up".

    A full-length Pepe Le Pew cartoon where he makes unwated sexual advances towards an accidentally-painted cat... again.

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