The 13 Most Violent Things That Have Happened at McDonald's Anything
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The 13 Most Violent Things That Have Happened at McDonald's

Millions of people visit the golden arches on a regular, if not daily, basis. So it's only natural that a few of them are going to walk through the doors and start some serious fights. Here are the most violent things that've happened to people at a McDonald's while Ronald's back was turned.

What kind of people start fights at McDonald's? These people. From fights in line to people jumping through drive-thru windows to beat up on unsuspecting cashiers, there's plenty of random McDonald's violence to go around on this list of fights at McDonald's.

Some of the McDonald's violence on this list was due to the temperature of the fries, the inability to order an early morning chicken nugget, or just plain random. But when it comes to McDonald's, these people aren't messing around.
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    Some Insane Woman On Drugs Needs McNuggets. NOW.

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    When you need your nuggets, you need them NOW. This woman is clearly crazy, going so far as to pull open the drive thru window to punch the McDonald's employee who had the misfortune of working the window that morning.

    She does raise a valid question though. Why doesn't McDonald's serve chicken nuggets at 10:30 am?

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