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The 13 Most Violent Things That Have Happened at McDonald's

Millions of people visit the golden arches on a regular, if not daily, basis. So it's only natural that a few of them are going to walk through the doors and start some serious fights. Here are the most violent things that've happened to people at a McDonald's while Ronald's back was turned.

What kind of people start fights at McDonald's? These people. From fights in line to people jumping through drive-thru windows to beat up on unsuspecting cashiers, there's plenty of random McDonald's violence to go around on this list of fights at McDonald's.

Some of the McDonald's violence on this list was due to the temperature of the fries, the inability to order an early morning chicken nugget, or just plain random. But when it comes to McDonald's, these people aren't messing around.

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    And Now For Something Completely Serious... The McDonald's Massacre

    The San Ysidro McDonald's massacre was a killing spree that occurred on July 18, 1984, in a McDonald's restaurant near San Diego, California resulting in 19 injuries and 22 deaths, including that of the perpetrator James Oliver Huberty.

    They actually cut a scene out of the movie Red Dawn where the soldiers eat at a McDonald's specifically because of this incident.

    The shooter's wife went on to sue McDonald's and his former employers because she believed a mixture of McDonald's food and metals from his job had caused him delusion and hysteria. During his autopsy, high traces of metals were found, but no Happy Meals. He also wasn't under the influence of any controlled substances like alcohol/drugs.

    Kinda takes the Twinkie defense to a whole new level.

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    Girls Get Into a Fight Over a Place in Line

    If there's one thing the incidents on this list have taught us, it's that you DO NOT, under ANY circumstances cut in line at a McDonald's. If you do, you'll get punched or slapped - these girls guarantee it.

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    Hey No Cuts

    When this teenage girl took this man's place in line, she probably didn't plan on ordering the Knuckle Sandwich. But that's what she got. We can't see why anyone would hit a young teenage girl for cutting in line anywhere, let alone a McDonald's... or fight over their "food".

    The best part of this clip is the guy in the white shirt on the right who just stands there and watches it all happen. If he had gotten his food by this time, five bucks says he would've been eating it while watching.

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    Insane Woman Goes Postal On a Cashier Because Her Fries Were Cold

    What to do when your fries are cold? Scream and shout and throw things and call for the immediate firing of the fry cook. #problemsolved

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    Apparently this insane assault happened after a basketball game. There are about 50 things happening here at once. It's kind of like a Where's Waldo of hitting and kicking, just like Ronald McDonald intended.

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    McSucker Punch

    When you’re at the McDonald's counter, the last thing you expect is to wake up on the ground surrounded by paramedics. Turns out it does happen... to ridiculously old guys for absolutely no reason.

    Skip to 00:22 for the awesome one-hit K.O. and 00:44 for the best soundbite on this list.

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