The 13 Most WTF Fighting Games of All Time Video Games
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The 13 Most WTF Fighting Games of All Time

After Street Fighter made it big, the gaming industry decided to pump out fighting game after fighting game that appealed to either complete weirdos or, more often, nobody. These fighting games are weird, awful, strange and just plain absurd. Why were they made? I have no idea, but since they were, let's take a walk down the crazy side of the weirdest/worst fighting games of all time.

What are the worst fighting games? There are some pretty bad video games on this list, and deservedly so. You wonder what the gamemakers were thinking when they made these games, but hey nobody is perfect, right?

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    Let's just jump right into this. Battle Raper 2. No, that is not misspelled, and yes, that is how you say it.

    Battle Raper 2 (which takes care of all the unanswered questions people probably had from Battle Raper 1) took all of the issues people had with Battle Raper 1 and removed them. This included the actual raping that took place at the end of each battle.

    Sure, they could've changed the name of the game at that point, but who would want to sacrifice the "Battle Raper" brand?

    But what if we didn't play the FIRST Battle Raper?

    But not to worry, the gratutitous and needless nudity is still there, but yes, the titular "Rape" was taken out of Battle Raper in the second installment.

    The game plays like Dead or Alive or Rumble Roses, but with the lack of tact and poise those other games have. While the characters do take damage in the game, so do their clothes. The worse off they are, the less clothes they have until they lose all their clothes and the other player "wins".

    There is also a storyline about treasure hunting and zombies, naturally, because what else would you have when an entire game about rape needs a plot? Above is the intro to Battle Raper 2.

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    Made during the, "Let's put Shaq in EVERYTHING!" era, this game was probably the worst thing to ever happen to the Shaq brand. (And yes, I am including Shazam.)

    Based on the classic Mortal Kombat format, the game featured a progression through a world where Shaq could hurt people with his magic flaming basketball which, if you're good enough at basketball, anyone can achieve.

    Possibly the best thing about this game is the fact that Shaq towers over everyone, just like in real life. The worst thing about it? That it was made at all. The second worst part? Everything about the game.

    Shaquille O'Neal casually wanders into a Kung Fu dojo on his way to a charity basketball game in Tokyo, Japan where, after speaking with a kung fu master, he stumbles into another dimension where he's got to rescue a boy named Nezu from an evil mummy. All of these things makes sense because the game is set in Asia. If you disrespectfully wander into a place of study of the martial arts, naturally the man with the highest level of skill will want to talk to you and then send you into another dimension to be a hero using only the main tool you use in your profession (only on fire). Duh.

    This game could have been at least guilty-pleasure-worthy if it handled well, but Shaq's limbs are so long throughout every fight, that you're struggling with your basic depth perception, and have to get far away from your enemies just to hit them.

    Shaq Fu is more insulting than the fact that somewhere, someone out there thought that this was a good idea for game.

  3. 3

    Based on a popular series in Japan, Variable Geo has a complex plot and many points of character development.

    Not really.

    The basic plot is that there are a bunch of female fighters who are sponsored by local restaurants, where they work as waitresses on their time off between battles.

    The "VG" here takes on a whole other meaning

    As with most fighting games, there is a winner and a loser. Unlike most fighting games, though, when someone loses a match they run the risk of "being forced to commit an embarrassing (usually sexual) act in public, or they are raped/gang-raped by an unseen assailant or assailants.

    So if you lose, you get gang-raped by the angry audience -- which, if you think about it, is a gaming paradigm that could fit pretty perfectly into Rock Band series. People would sure as hell be a lot better at playing those plastic guitars.

  4. 4

    Buchigire Kongou: Battle Construction Vehicles

    Remember when you were a kid and you loved playing with Tonka trucks?

    This game satisfies that need we all have of making a bulldozer and a crane fight each other.

    Seriously, why not just get out and fight?

    Was there a plot? Kind of. Did that plot involve a bunch of Japanese dudes getting pissed at each other and trying to settle their differences with violence using primarily the most inconvenient, unmovable and clumsy machines known to man? Yes.

    Kongou is our main character. A young man who wants to live his life and refuses to follow in his father's footsteps.

    "I don't want, your crane."

    One day, Kongou is chased to the roof of a building in a construction vehicle, where he must fight another guy in, you guessed it, a construction vehicle. Kongou wins and decides he likes kicking ass while wasting gas, then sets out on a "journey" to recreate this absurd act, therefore creating one of the mos frustrating fighting games in the history of man.

  5. 5

    There have been many crappy Star Wars games out there, but this is the big daddy of them all. Arguably the worst, most tasteless and ill-conceived one.

    Taking a page out of the parts of Soul Caliber that don't make sense, SW:MoTK is a standard fighting/weapons game. The big difference was that you could play as Darth Vader or Luke Skywalker in a fighting game for the first time ever !

    Of course, it says a lot about a game when you would rather play as a Wookie rather than a Jedi. Seriously, if it ever came down to it, a Wookie wouldn't stand a chance against a Jedi. I mean, with the force and a lightsaber by their side, there's really no reason to let the Wookie win.

    Seriously, though, if it really took several hits from a lightsaber to gently push a Tusken Raider off a platform, I would reconsider being part of the Jedi order altogether. Luke should be able to saw these guys in half at the blink of an eye.

    The whole game is just conceptually absurd.

    Because there's nothing that Tusken Raiders enjoy more than going 1-on-1 with Jedi in the middle of Hoth.

    If you can play as a Jedi, it shouldn't be a tournament, it should be a slaughter!

  6. 6

    Chō Aniki: Bakuretsu Rantō Hen

    Chō Aniki is a game series from Japan that roughly translates as: Super Big Brothers, which is absolutely horrifying. The basic layout of the game is that you play as a super large, muscular dude in various states of undress that fights off other, equally flamboyant dudes who throw stuff like d***os at you.

    What young child wouldn't want Cho Aniki to play with all his other friends?

    Bakuretsu Rantō Hen is different from the other games in the series since it is purely a fighting game. The list of characters is what really makes this game insane.

    You have Samson and Adon, the mostly naked muscle men who are the main characters from the other games.

    Benten is a green haired girl flanked by 2 sexy cherubs.

    Nothing sexier than baby bodies and man heads.

    Then it gets weird.

    Sabu is some sort of flying Elvis Presley pogoda ship.
    "I'm all-a-lubed up, uh-uh huh..."

    Adam is a naked guy riding around in the moon

    "You guyth, I'm too tired to fight."

    and then you have Mami 19, a flying battleship that is part female and piloted by 3 naked guys.

    "You take starboard and we'll handle the port. God, help you.

    The fighting is pretty straight forward, though you are flying so you aren't bothered by pesky gravity. What really makes this game a winner though is the special moves, and boy, are they special. For instance Samson not only sparkles and dances like a leather daddy at Fire Island, but he also can lay waste to his opponents with his, well, I can only imagine that they are farts.

    Mami 19 gets help from her 3 naked men for devastating grapple moves, and Benten attacks with her babies -- like ya do.

    All of this includes a level design that can only be described as "Tim Gunn's worst/best dream come true".

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