The 13 Sexiest Video Game Commercials Of All Time Video Games
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The 13 Sexiest Video Game Commercials Of All Time

There really isn't much to say about these commercials/ads but thank God for the wonderful marketing scheme which is hot chicks. Here's a list of the 13 sexiest video game oriented commercials ever made. But we can't just give you videos of hot chicks, you need to learn something. Included are descriptions of how relevant the hot chicks are to the actual games... what?

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  1. 7

    Air Combat Extreme

    We have absolutely no idea what "Air Combat Extreme" is, or why (the site being sold in this ad) is now a godaddy re-route page, but we do know that this commercial features two incredibly hot Japanese chicks (talking about God knows what) presenting what looks to be either an RPG or a tower defense game that has to do with fighting jets.

    The best part: They're wearing awesome jet-fighter outfits.

    Sure, these uniforms wouldn't be good for combat and would probably get all kind of shrapnel stuck in every soldier's midriff, but the point of this game isn't to fight an accurate, exciting war with planes... wait, it is? Oh, well then this commercial uses hot chicks as virtual "Booth Babes" for absolutely no reason.

    Still really hot, though, because they're all talky and stuff and probably really into the game and we'd have a lot in common (right?!... what are they saying?!)

  2. 8

    A fake infomercial for a company that will change gaming and help you with your fear... featuring a sexy nurse.

    The viral approach they took to this was great and got the attention of a few more people than it would have under the guise of just the sequel to F.E.A.R.

    A hot girl telling you why you should buy a video game (or do her homework, or buy a phone, or buy a car, or leave your wife...) is always pretty damn convincing, so regardless of how irrelevant this was to the game itself (it spoke to the concept of the game more than it did the actual gameplay), this was some of the best sexy advertising we've seen in gaming in recent memory.

  3. 9

    Oh, Nintendo Wii. How many hot girls will go into YouTube videos involving you?

    The single biggest system in hot girl history, the Nintendo Wii's functionality is displayed here amazingly in the ad for WWE Smackdown! vs. Raw.

    Two complete douchebags cull two insanely hot girls who would never get his passionate about a wrestling game (um, I'm sorry, but we all know that wrestling games have a pretty big learning curve if you want to accurately execute your favorite wrestler's finishing moves) into a game inside.

    This commercial shows how fun the game can be really well; but it also shows how cumbersome some of the moves are going to be when you're playing it on the Wii.

    The girls have obviously played this game before, and people obviously are going to need to keep a firm grip on their Wii Remotes.

    This factors into the game very well, though, because it gives us all a great view into EXACTLY the experience we're going to have (both in gameplay AND with women) when we buy the game.

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  4. 10

    Samus is hot. End of story.

    Epilogue: So, this commercial features a hot girl walking down an alley with boots that are obviously made for walking (and that is, ostensibly, what they will do).

    This game features the woman who is arguably gaming's most prominent and important female character and portrays her as a hot girl who is not interested in looking sexy for you, but has a mission.

    As this probable-ex-porn-star walks through the alley, we see the Samus armor forming around all her ladybits, which is awesome, but then we end with seeing her prepare to shoot.

    The rest of the commercial features gameplay, but the fact that we put a little bit more of a human face on Samus in the form of a hot girl who does not care about you makes this one of the sexiest commercials for a game ever because what is hotter than what we can't have?

    also ranked
  5. 11

    Alright, alright, here's a cartoon-hotty one.

    Dead Or Alive, for the uninitiated, is a franchise of games involving simulated hot girls in games that guys who buy them would never play.

    This particular game features "Xtreme" beach volleyball.

    The commercial features the hot girls (exactly the reason ANYBODY buys/rents the game, therefore making this commercial VERY apt) playing volleyball, getting ready to play it and a very pervy camera panning around their bodies.

    These are digital chicks (which makes this kind of a weird addition), but please write in the comments ANY other reason people buy these games. These commercials are obviously turning SOME dudes on, otherwise this franchise wouldn't still be alive because the gameplay really does leave something to be desired (and so does the movie).

    Also, who can relate to these hot chicks? Doesn't it make sense that they'd hate having their pictures taken, would only play RIGHT before nightfall sometimes and would date hot, simulated, CGI douchebags in bands with names that are literature references?

  6. 12

    There's a whole commercial where a hot girl in a bikini has a bunch of close-ups of her body while we see close-ups, screenshots and gameplay of the mediocre game Juiced 2: Hot Import Nights (which sounds more like a porn centered around steroids). We also heard there's one out there with nudity!

    This is not either of those. There's plenty of that on this list already. This video not only includes the same set of that commercial, but it includes 3 (count 'em, 3!) hot girls in the same bikini, risking their lives so some dude can drift around them in a car like the ones found in the game.

    Truly awesome. The danger is a little hot, the girls are really hot and here is the original commercial for all you curious people out there:

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