The 13 Worst Doctors of All Time People
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The 13 Worst Doctors of All Time

First, do no harm. Most doctors respect and obey this critical medical rule. They want to help, not hurt, their patients. But there are a few who seem to have missed this important message. They may look at their patients and see an opportunity to make money. Or they may see a chance to vent their rage. Or they may simply not care enough to be careful when taking care of people.

Whether it's breaching the bounds of professional safety to cater to an aging pop star (ahem, Dr. Conrad Murray), showing up drunk for an emergency room shift, being unable to diagnose something as basic as pregnancy, or wreaking havoc on your patients' genitals, there are doctors out there who you're better off steering clear of. Read on to learn about some of the worst doctors of all time: thirteen doctors who should be avoided, at all costs.

Who are the worst doctors of all time? Take a look and see who are the doctors to avoid.
The List
  1. 1

    Dr. Conrad Murray Dr. Conrad Murray was just convicted for the involuntary manslaughter of Michael Jackson. He ...

  2. 2

    Dr. Cecil Jacobson More and more couples are turning to fertility doctors to help them conceive. It's nothing to ...

  3. 3

    Dr. Prabir Kumar Ghosh A doctor in India was arrested recently when he showed up drunk for his emergency room shift.

  4. 4

    University of Washington Surgeons In 2001, the University of Washington admitted that surgeons at its hospital had left five ...

  5. 5

    Doctors Who Can't Diagnose Pregnancy For five months, her primary care physician assured Anita Arora that her periods had stopped ...

  6. 6

    Dr. Gerianne Geszler and Dr. Dorrette Grant There is a medical condition called pseudocyesis, or false pregnancy, which makes a woman ...

  7. 7

    Dr. Loren Borud In 2008, Dr. Loren Borud, a plastic surgeon in Massachusetts with a history of drug and ...

  8. 8

    Dr. Andrew Holton While working as a pediatric neurologist in England, Dr. Andrew Holton managed to misdiagnose ...

  9. 9

    Dr. Yasser Awaad At least the previous doctor was probably just an idiot. Dr. Yasser Awaad, a pediatric ...

  10. 10

    Doctors Who Can't Tell Left from Right Benjamin Houghton, an Air Force Veteran, checked into a VA Medical Center in 2006 to have his ...

  11. 11

    Dr. James C. Burt Some doctors show how horrible they can be in specific, isolated incidents. Dr. James C. Burt ...

  12. 12

    Dr. Graeme Reeves The previous doctor believed he could surgically alter his patients to create ...

  13. 13

    Dr. Naum Ciomu In Romania, Nelu Radonescu went to see Dr. Naum Ciomu for help with his testicular ...


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