The 14 Greatest Foul Ball FAILs of All Time Anything
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The 14 Greatest Foul Ball FAILs of All Time

There is nothing like experiencing a baseball game first hand (or face). The smell of popcorn and beer, the chanting and singing, the thrill of the fans. One of the most exciting things about going to a major league baseball game, however, isn't any of those things. It's the thought of catching a foul ball.

Foul balls that get caught by spectators are not only a coveted item, but are a memento to that particular event. If you catch a foul ball, you're one lucky ducky. But not all catches end in success. Foul ball catching fails, misses, and accidents occur just as often and thankfully, also get caught on tape. Plenty of spectators end up catching foul balls to the face.

Here are some of the best (meaning worst) foul ball fails, catches, misses, and accidents caught on tape.

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    Chinese Man Drops Kid to Catch Ball

    The drop itself is pretty bad, but the real meat of the video comes in when you see the look on his wife's face.

    I don't know what is worse, the fact that this guy was going after a ball that was nowhere near him, or that he dropped his kid in front of his wife (key part being in front of his wife).

    The kid was fine, but I don't think dear old Dad is going to be getting out of the dog house for awhile.

    You can see Dad start to try to explain that he was actually trying to get the child out of the way because he thought the ball was going to hit her. Then you see that "are you kidding me?" look on Mommy's face that just says there is no way she's going to believe the B.S. he's trying to feed her.

  2. 2

    Phillie Phanatic Hit in the Throat, Fan Reacts Accordingly

    So, that guy on the left (to the Phillie's right) with the PITT Football shirt does know that there's a human being in that suit, right?

    Dude just got hit with a foul ball in the neck. Have you ever been hit in the neck? It feels like you're going to die. For a few seconds, you actually start weighing your options like you're going to die.

    This hurts the Phillie so bad that he keels over onto nearby seats, when all of a sudden, some guy just starts slapping him, repeatedly, while he's down.

    What a dick. The FAIL here? The Phillie. Gets downed by a ball and then hit repeatedly by some random douchenozzle. Poor Phillie.

  3. 3

    Boyfriend Lets Girlfriend Get Hit By Ball

    An Internet classic. This guy runs away from the ball like a little girl while his hot girlfriend takes it like a man.

    Few times in the history of man have you been able to actually see a guy lose his man-card so quickly in one motion. It's actually quite amazing.

    These guys actually had a Web Redemption on Tosh.0 about a year or so later. Daniel Tosh interviewed them, though they since have broken up. She's been seeing someone else, but apparently, they still occasionally hook up. This just goes to show you that anyone who's ever been the "nice guy" is just doing it wrong (or that this girl has some serious issues... probably both).

    To be fair, she probably should have gotten out of the way.

  4. 4

    Little Leaguer Nailed By Foul Ball

    The greatest part about this is that there is no reaction whatsoever.

    Just an off camera "ding" of the ball being hit, and then the kid crumbles.

    Beautiful in its simplicity, this video is exactly why Al Gore built the Internet.

  5. 5

    American Guy Drops Kid to Catch Ball

    Not to be outdone by the fans overseas, this guy shows how we do it in the good ol' US of A. Nothin' like an old fashioned child drop.

    At least in this case, the guy has a good reason to drop his kid, as the ball was actually coming right at him, but if he'd shifted his weight slightly, he would've sent his kid dropping forward, and this would be a much, much sadder video.

    Luckily, the kid was fine, so the fact that he fell back is hilarious.

  6. 6

    Dodger Foul Ball Hit Guy In Face

    In the face.

    Depth perception is the baseball fan's biggest enemy (other than the ball, I suppose). Also, why was everyone jumping for the ball when it was coming at them in a straight shot? I blame Gatorade commercials and Nike.

    The most embarrassing part is that guy was one of the few people in the stands with an actual glove.

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