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The 15 Craziest Cannibal Attacks in History

List Criteria: Violent cannibals from a culture where it isn't normal or accepted. Only attacks with intent to eat.

Cannibalism is one of the strangest and most disgusting crimes a person can possibly commit. This is a list about the craziest real-life cannibal attacks that have ever happened, either in a single incident or over a series of years (and sometimes, decades). All the famous cannibals on this list killed people with intent to eat or at least cook their victims. I've excluded people like the tribes of the West Indies and Maori tribes and other cultures were cannibalism was just a part of life. The real cannibals on this list committed these crimes while living within the rules of Western society and all of the crimes on this list were horribly violent. These are the worst, most depraved, and most well-known famous cannibals in human history.
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    Albert Fish: One of the Worst People of All Time

    Born Hamilton Howard Fish on May 19, 1870, the man who would later be known as "The Gray Man," "The Werewolf," "The Brooklyn Vampire," and "The Boogey Man," grew up in an orphanage where he was introduced to drinking urine and eating feces. Not really a great start.

    By 1890, he went to New York City and became a male prostitute, at which point he started raping young boys, mostly under the age of six.

    A male lover once took him to a wax museum where he saw and was fascinated by, a bisection of a penis (which is when a penis is split directly in half), which led to his obsession with castration, which he tried on a few of his victims.

    He had "implements of Hell" (a butcher knife, a bone saw, and a meat cleaver), which he would use to torture, mutilate, and murder young children. He boasted to have a child he's either abused or eaten in every state in the U.S., but was only ever actually suspected of and convicted for about eight of them.

    The case that really made him famous (as it was what led to his final arrest) was the abduction and murder of Grace Budd (pictured above). He pretended to be taking her to his niece's birthday party, to which her parents consented, but was never brought back.

    Here is the letter he sent the parents (WARNING, VERY GRAPHIC) describing exactly how he coerced her into trusting him, the fact that they all had lunch together, consented to her leaving, and details about how he stripped her, killed her, ate her, which parts tasted the best and the fact that he did not rape her.

    He was executed via electric chair.

  2. 2

    Man Attacked, Beheaded, Eaten on Public Bus

    Vince Weiguang Li proves that not all Canadians are amazingly nice human beings who enjoy poutine and maple syrup. Some of them are complete monsters and can be found in the most unsuspecting places sometimes. 

    On a Greyhound bus, the new Canadian citizen, who immigrated from China, completely snapped and caused one of the most horrific scenes I've ever heard of (that actually happened) with a twist (wait for the end).

    While sitting next to passenger Tim McLean (who was sleeping), Li produced a huge knife and began to stab him repeatedly in the neck and chest until McLean was completely decapitated (which just shows how badly some people hate sitting next to a snorer).

    Li walked around showing the severed head to the rest of the passengers as they screamed and ran out of the bus in fear of being brutally dismembered as well. Li never left the bus, but stayed back and continued dismembering the man and consumed McLean's flesh, all while carrying around the severed head.

    Out of respect for the dead, I will not mention the irony of McLean's last name or the fact that his name makes him already sound like a "nutritious" sandwich option at McDonald's.

    Li ate McLean's eyes, ears, nose and tongue. He's currently at a maximum security mental facility.

    But wait! There's more!

    He had the knife on him for protection. "Why?" you may ask. Well the why, of course, is because he needed protection from the aliens.

    He told authorities later that he believed the voice of God told him to do all this: 

    “The voice told me that I was the third story of the Bible, that I was like the second coming of Jesus (and that) I was to save people from a space alien attack,”

    ... at which point Jon Favreau started writing down ideas for a sequel to that movie nobody liked.

    Li then said:"I was really scared. I remember cutting off his head. I believed he was an alien. The voices told me to kill him, that he would kill me or others. I do not believe this now,”

    Oh. Good. Good for him.


  3. 3

    Man Kills Classmate During Study Session, Eats Her, Goes Free

    The following is an interview with the cannibal himself where he chronicles why he did what he did and the fact that he actually enjoyed it.

    Issei Sagawa became a notorious semi-celebrity in his native Japan in 1981 after killing and eating a Dutch exchange student named Renee Hartevelt (After inviting Hartevelt to his apartment in Paris to read and study poetry, he shot her in the neck, had sex with her corpse and then spent two days carving up and eating her body). Sagawa later said that he had hoped that by eating the beautiful Hartevelt, he would absorb some of her healthy energy.

    Initially imprisoned in France for the crime, he was later extradited in Japan, where his crime became a subject of intense public fascination. The above is a documentary film about Sagawa's that aired in Scandinavia in the 1980s called "Cannibal Superstar." The scariest bit? Sagawa is currently a free man, living in Tokyo and working as a writer, restaurant reviewer (!!!), and guest speaker.

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    Cannibal Kills 19 People with His Mom

    Currently residing in a psychiatric hospital, Alexander Spesivtsev killed up to 80 people (but was only convicted of 19) and ate a good majority of them. Unsurprisingly, he's been declared insane and is thankfully behind government-secured doors in Russia (where, once again, you should never try the street meat).

    He was initially discovered and caught when his pipes started malfunctioning in his house. A pipe breakage forced his neighbors to call a plumber, who had to open his door by force when Spesivtsev wasn't home.

    The plumber found a mutilated, headless body in the bathtub, bowls with pieces of human meat in them in the kitchen, and a mutilated Olga Galtseva somehow still alive on the sofa. She died shortly after, but was able to tell her story.

    The creepiest part is that Spesivtsev's mother was luring the women into the apartment for him to rape, beat, kill, and eat.

    The mother, of course, cooked the bodies for dinner after a hard day of living out Texas Chainsaw Massacre. He was sentenced to death after being found guilty of 19 murders.


  5. 5

    Rapper Big Lurch Does PCP, Eats Friend

    On April 9th of 2002, Big Lurch and his friend, Thomas Moore, spent the night smoking PCP, which they blame for Big Lurch's actions during the next 24 hours.

    Big Lurch had been using PCP for the pain caused by a car accident where a drunk driver hit him years before. But this one night, it really just got away from him. According to interviews, the last thing he remembers is that he had to kill the devil before the world ended. This is most likely what led to his episode.

    Big Lurch murdered Tynisha Ysais (his roommate at the time), and consumed parts of her body. Tooth marks were found on her face and lungs, which were completely torn from her chest cavity.

    When Singleton was finally arrested, he was naked, covered in blood and standing in the middle of the street yelling at the sky.

    Human flesh was found in his stomach after he was arrested and was sentenced to life in prison.

  6. 6

    Miami Naked Zombie Cannibal Attack

    It's always Florida. You'd be seriously hard pressed to find a state with more bizarre crime stories than Florida. From some of the worst parents of 2012 (so far), to the following story, which coincidentally happened right after this viral video about a fictitious Shia LaBeouf attacking and eating people hit the web. It was almost like an omen that pre-empted a slew of Bath Salts related crimes all over the country in the weeks to come.

    This was the first of 2012 and the most grizzly.

    In Miami, Florida, on Saturday May 26th 2012, 31-year old Rudy Eugene ripped off his clothes and began attacking a homeless man who didn't even look that delicious in broad daylight, by tearing away at the homeless man's face with his teeth. Apparently Eugene was on the drug commonly known as "Bath Salts," which in recent years, has caused some of the most uniquely insane and bizarre crimes to hit the news.

    The victim, Ronald Poppo (age 65), was just an innocent person in the way of Eugene's Bath Salts-filled rage.

    Bath salts are described as synthetic cocaine which, according to doctors, feels like Meth, Cocaine and PCP combined. The drug is said to cause body temperature to rise to such a degree that people rip off their clothes and become extremely aggressive, most of the time in a stage of "extreme delirium." People have been known to use their jaws for violence and "become extremely strong."

    When the surveillance footage of the attack was released, it showed Eugene jumping onto the homeless man, who was sleeping at the time, stripping him of his own clothes (as Eugene was already naked), then starting to eat the homeless man's face off.

    One of the most disturbing things about the attack is not only how long it took (about 20 minutes of this kind of torture), a car slowed down to look at what they were seeing then drove off and probably, understandably, started boarding up their windows and conserving ammo for the on-coming zombie apocalypse.

    A media frenzy followed during which a lot of popular websites took the opportunity to declare the zombie apocalypse, even though this clearly proves that we can definitely handle it when it comes.

    These gruesome pictures which you really, really should not look at if you have a weak stomach or while eating or at all if you hate even the slightest amount of blood show that Eugene ate the man's face off all the way down to his beard. The man's face, nose, one eye, forehead and mouth are missing.

    Poppo unfortunately lived throughout this entire ordeal and is currently in critical condition.

    Check out more details about the "Miami Zombie" here and here.

  7. 7

    Man Kills Prostitutes, Old Rich Guys For Food

    He exclusively killed wealthy older men and young prostitutes.

    Yoo Young-chul, a South Korean gentleman, was a firm believer in the philosophy that "Women shouldn't be sluts, and the rich should know what they've done...," which were his motives for killing and eating people.

    Like a lot of people on this list, he had a history of mutilating animals.

    He murdered 21 people between 2003 and 2004. Yoo burned three of them and mutilated the rest, eating some of their livers raw.

    He killed most of his victims with a hammer, which seems to be a pattern in these kinds of crimes. The real reason he seemed to gravitate towards killing prostitutes, though, was that one dumped him after he tried to have a romantic relationship with her.

    He pretty much stuck to them from there on out until he was finally caught in July of 2004.

    Found out about this guy on a little site called Murderpedia. Yes, that's right. Murderpedia.

  8. 8

    Husband, Father Keeps Fridge of Horrors in His Home

    Matej Curko was not a good person. He had a wife and kids, sure, but he also managed to not only become a cannibal, but he used the Internet to lure in his victims. This happened in Slovakia, though, which is most likely why Chris Hansen never caught him.

    Over the Internet, Curko would trick his victims into meeting with him, then he would (as some people on this list inexplicably do) convince them to a suicide and cannibalism pact or he would just kidnap them, kill them, and then eat them.

    He kept an extensive "Fridge of Horrors" that included the bodies of two women who had disappeared the previous year.

    During a sting operation that was (sadly) not televised, an agent was made to meet up with him for some suicide and food, and when he pulled out a gun and started shooting at officers, the worst snipers in the world shot him five times and he still lived.

    He was apprehended, but died later that day in the hospital.

    He was later linked to the disappearance of 30 Italian women.

    His wife, who is inexplicably cute, stood by him and denied his crimes up to the very end (at which point she still denied them).


  9. 9

    Metal-Toothed Man Kills Women, Serves Their Meat At Parties

    This guy not only killed seven women, but he served the meat to his friends, as well-cooked ethnic cuisine, at parties he would throw.

    Yes, that's right, this guy had FRIENDS. He also lives in Kazakhstan. His friends didn't know they were eating "long pig."

    He prided himself on trying to rid the world of prostitutes– a convenient ulterior motive for cannibals.

    He also had his teeth replaced with metal fangs, which makes this guy the closest thing to a Bond villain I have ever even heard about in real life.

    He was eventually caught when some drunk friends of his found a human head and intestines inside his fridge. So word to the wise: always raid your friends' fridges. It's for justice.

    After 10 years of rehabilitation, he was released and according to this Cracked list is still at large.

    Main Source

  10. 10

    Deformed Man Kills Young Girls, Drinks Blood, Sent Bone Powder to Families

    In what is one of the most heartless, horrible crimes ever to have been performed, Tsutomu Miyazaki, known as "The Otaku Murderer" (Otaku, meaning a "love of anime and general Japanese culture," but in this case, just someone obsessed with young girls) or "The Little Girl Murderer," or "Dracula," killed four little girls between the ages of four and seven.

    He drank their blood and had sex with their dead bodies. The man's premature birth left him with deformed hands, which were fused directly to his wrists; this supposedly led him to live in a world of fantasy and comic books, which somehow then led to him turning to child pornography for thrills.

    He was apparently influenced by the Guinea Pig series of horror films, one of which was used to model one of his murders.

    Much like Albert Fish, he would send letters to his victims' families, often detailing exactly what he did to them, and often included the burned ashes of the children's bones.

    The way he was finally caught is amazing because while he was trying to sexually assault a young girl with a zoom lens, he was caught by her father, who went to town on the guy until Miyazaki ran away.

    Miyazaki eventually came back for his car, which he had misparked, and was caught by police. His father committed suicide, and Miyazaki was hanged in June of 2008.

    For more on The Little Girl Murderer, go here and here.

  11. 11

    Three Homeless Men Kill and Eat a Pedestrian

    In Moscow, Russia, not only did three homeless guys basically reenact parts from a zombie movie, but they ended up selling the parts to a place where they sell kebabs.

    What kind of place just buys random meat given to them by homeless people? Anyway, in Russia, there's a place you can sell pretty much any meat, which I guess is good to know.

    So pro tip: If you're ever in Russia, don't try the street kebabs. They might be people.

    After some of the parts were found near a bus stop east of Moscow, people reported them, which eventually led back to the three homeless guys who attacked the 25-year-old victim with hammers and knives, then cut him up and ate him.


  12. 12

    Murderer Released, Eats Friend, Tries Eating Many Others

    British man Peter Bryan had a craving for human flesh unparalleled to most on this list. Some are compulsions, some are fueled by hallucinations, but Peter Bryan's cannibalism made him an absolute animal.

    After being arrested for killing a woman with a hammer, Bryan was put into a low-support accommodation facility after his social worker recommended him on good behavior (which was the worst decision ever). When he was transferred to a psych ward, he eventually was let out of it, as people at the facility said he "did not present any major risks."

    First thing he did was go over to his friend, Brian Cherry's, with a hammer. It took 24 hits to the head with a hammer to kill Cherry. Peter Bryan was in the kitchen with blood all over him when a friend of Brian Cherry's came in to Peter Bryan saying simply, "Brian is dead." 

    Brian Cherry had been dismembered and left on the floor. Much like a lot of these guys, Peter Bryan, the cannibal, stayed in the house and relaxed while police came to the scene.

    When they showed up, he was cooking up Brian Cherry's brain in a frying pan next to a tub of Clover butter. Brain tissue was found with hair and scalp on a plate nearby with a knife and fork.

    A lot of these guys are very serene when they're apprehended, which just goes to show how deep of a dementia these guys suffer from, and that people like this should probably not go unsupervised. Ever.

    Peter Bryan then, after being arrested for this crime, spent time around other people in another mental health facility, when he began beating a man to death while tying a ligature to his neck. If he hadn't been stopped, Bryan said, he would have eaten that man as well.

    When allowed to speak on why he had such a hunger for other people he would say "I want their souls."

    For more on Peter Bryan, check out the articles here and here.

  13. 13

    Cannibal Strangler Ate So Many His Pipes Were Clogged

    Joachim Kroll ate so many people in Germany that when he was caught, entrails were found in his waste-pipes.

    The man was mentally retarded and a beloved member of a small community in Northeast Germany. The children even knew him as "Uncle Joachim" because of all the candy and toys he had in his apartment. He was said to have actually believed that these children were his real nieces and nephews.

    One day, a neighbor was told not to use his upstairs toilet in a very nonchalant manner, "because it is blocked up with guts." And since this was a shared toilet, the man looked into repairing the toilet.

    The remains of a young girl who'd recently gone missing were found, and he was arrested and then was discovered to have had pieces of children in his refrigerator. The child, Marion, was a big fan of Kroll's candy collection. His victims were always sexually assaulted either pre or postmortem, and were always partially eaten.

    He killed 14 young women and firmly believed that young children had the best tasting human meat.


  14. 14

    Boy Skinned and Eaten By Cannibal Cult Family

    The worst part is that it was his family. And they did a lot more than just go nuts on this one incident. You can pretty much say these were the worst parents of all time.

    Ondrej and Jakub, ages 8 and 10, were sexually abused and forced to cut themselves by their family throughout their childhood. They were kept in cages or handcuffed to tables and were often made to stand in their own filth for days on end.

    An anonymous man reported the abuse he heard after he accidentally caught the TV baby monitor feed on his identical TV baby monitor (they must've been on sale). The woman installed the monitor so that she could watch the suffering of her victims from the comfort of her very own kitchen, likely while enjoying a meal. The 10-year-old boy and a 13-year-old girl were freed after police arrived.

    The youngest was skinned alive and forced to eat his own flesh.

    The cult's name is the Grail Movement, which has hundreds of followers in Great Britain and tens of thousands of others worldwide.

  15. 15
    Above is the longest, and most interesting interview with Jeffrey Dahmer (which aired on NBC at the time), arguably the most famous American serial killer who ate 17 people.

    Chocolate factory employee and seemingly mild-mannered, Jeffrey Dahmer was accused of killing, raping, torturing, dismembering, and even in some cases, eating, a total of 17 victims between 1978 and 1991.

    Dahmer's calm, controlled, and polite attitude throughout this 1994 interview with Stone Phillips shows no indication of a man capable of committing the crimes he's describing. Though evidently aware of his mistakes and regretful of his actions, he gives us and Phillips an idea as to the sort of satisfaction and sexual gratification he felt while dominating and subduing his victims.

    A chilling recount of his first murder in 1978, in a hotel room involving a man he met at a bar, is vaguely described at the three-minute mark of the clip. "When I woke up in the morning, my forearms were bruised," Dahmer said. "And his chest was bruised, blood was coming out of his mouth, he was hanging over the side of the bed, and I have no memory of beating him to death, but I must have."

    Dahmer admits to striving for total control over his victims, a large part of the reason why he committed the crimes, and when Phillips questions him about the pleasure he acquires from the actual act of killing his victims at the 6:06 mark, Dahmer replies, "the killing was just a means to an end, that was the least satisfactory part, I didn't enjoy doing that. That's why I tried to create living zombies with muriatic acid and the drill. But it never worked."

    There's no telling what kind of zombie apocalypse would have occurred if Dahmer's intricate zombie scheme did work out, but let's just be glad that he wasn't as proficient in his zombie manufacturing skills as he was in manslaughter.

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