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These movie trailer re-cuts are what happens when fans of movies sit around and think, "what if I made someone think my favorite horror movie is actually a buddy comedy?". If you've ever watched a movie like "The Shining" and then wondered what it might look like as a romantic comedy? Many would-be editors turned viral-video producers have wasted HOURS to make that kind of thing happen.

What are some great movie re-cuts? These are the 15 best-made, cohesive, clever and brilliantly cut movie trailer reimaginings/recuts of all time. Enjoy these videos of classic movie trailers reimagined and take some time to think what "The Big Lebowski" would have been like as a serious crime caper.

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It's one of the most well-loved and highest grossing action-superhero films of all time... made into an aspiring story about recovery, self-discovery and friendship.

Harvey Dent (two-face) suffers a disfiguring accident in the midst of his wonderful, perfect life. He loses all hope until... his friends hire a clown to be his nurse. A clown that is a friend. A clown that can cheer him up. Their unbreakable bond doesn't only nurse Dent back to health, but back to his life.

The Joker as a Patch Adams character is probably the most original and best idea on this list..

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Mary Poppins as a horror movie where a woman who sings creepily comes into your house and terrorizes your children. Brilliant.

Everything from the mood, to the choice editing, to even the audio comes together to creep you out that some possessed English nanny is going to float her ass through your window while you sleep.

This trailer is creepier than the real preview for Rosemary's Baby.

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Mrs. Doubtfire (a hilarious, heartwarming story about a father who loves his children too much to let a divorce stand in the way) is portrayed in this trailer as a thriller about a man obsessed with a group of children so much that he infiltrates their home in the guise of a nanny... Mrs. Doubtfire!

Logically, this is not too much of a stretch, which is why it is genius. Think about it, if someone pitched you an idea about a man dressing as an old woman to get hired as a nanny to get closer to his own children, you would call the police.

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For a Stephen King purist, Kubrick's "The Shining" is already a cruel twisted joke on the masterful written material.

So, here is Kubrick's The Shining, recut into a trailer that makes this classic masterpiece look like something even cheesier than Jerry McGuire.

Watch this whole thing, but if you're a fan of The Shining, the most well-done, and ridiculous part of the video comes at 1:10, where the inspiring, light-hearted montage features Jack kissing someone which seems nice and appropriate in this trailer until you figure out that someone happens to be the corpse from the bathtub scene.
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What if The Big Lebowski was about Donnie? What if it was about how great of a guy he was and how much The Dude and Walter missed him when he was gone?

This trailer gives the audience exactly what they were clamoring for: more Donnie. Forget all the useless stuff about sex, kidnapping, and identity confusion, Donnie is where the money is.

The way they use Walter's quote about living in the past is absolute genius.

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This trailer is quite prophetic, actually. It's about our increasing reliance on technology while we opt for artificial companionship over that of flesh and blood. With social networks and texting, we're losing our grip with humanity. It shows us that our evolving use of machines for expressing romantic affection is actually putting us in danger.

Seriously though, it's a joke about people banging robots.

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"Where's Private Ryan?" is an indie, Wes Andersen-esque comedy about a rag tag team of soldiers trying to find Private Ryan.

This trailer takes the Oscar-winning original and gives it that indie dark-comedy feel that we all can't help but go see in small theatres. Out of every trailer on this list, this is the one that does the best job at really creating a new film that we actually want to see.

Why can't they just make this? Everyone knows that World War II Europe was a barrel of laughs; why else would the Germans elect Charlie Chaplin to lead them to war?

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There are an endless amount of Superbad re-cuts on youtube, and most of them are "super bad" (pause for uncomfortable silence); everything from thrillers, buddy cop pictures, revenge, Brokeback Mountain jokes, horror, etc.

At Ranker, we strive for the best, so here is the one that makes the most of altering the genre of this film.

So we present this premise: What if Superbad was a heist film directed by Martin Scorcese?

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