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The 17 Best Yao Ming Career Highlights

Yao Ming, China's most famous athlete, is officially retiring from the NBA. The 7'6'' Houston Rocket center has faced a lot of injuries over the last couple of years and he has decided enough is enough. This list covers all the highlights from Yao Ming's career- on and off the court. His career peaked in 2006-2007, when he averaged 25 points per game. But, this number would not last. He slowly became prone to injury and started facing the reality that he is a 7'6'' giant...and people that tall are rather fragile.

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    Yao Ming Meets Verne Troyer

    The tallest and shortest celebrities come face-to-face in this spot for Apple's 12" and 17" PowerBooks. (Get it?) Yao and Verne Troyer (better known as "Mini-Me" from the Austin Powers films) are boarding a plane near one another when they both reach for their laptops. Humorously, Yao uses the smaller 12" PowerBook while Verne grabs his 17" PowerBook. (You may also notice that the narrator of the ad is none other than actor Jeff Goldblum.)

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    Yao Ming Anti-Shark Fin Soup Commercial

    Everyone knows Yao Ming as a basketball player, but not everyone has seen his activist side. This commercial illustrates Yao's willingness to stick up for the millions of sharks that are killed each year in order to make soup. In the ad, Yao is about to enjoy some shark fin soup before seeing a finless shark suffering in a nearby aquarium. The ghastly image causes him, and the rest of the diners, to push their soups to the center of the table in disgust.

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    Yao Ming Posterizes LeBron

    Yao brutally dunks over the top of LeBron James in this clip from a February 2009 game between the Rockets and the Cleveland Cavaliers. This led to much debate between fans over the importance of a height differential when blocking shots.

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    Yao Ming at a Charity Roast

    In April of 2008, Yao was being honored at a charity event in Houston, which included a traditional roast. When he finally got up for his turn to speak, Yao showed off his comedy chops by turning the tables on his roasters. Most of his jokes stem from observations about the clash between Yao's Chinese upbringing and his new experiences in America.

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    Yao Ming Super Bowl Commercial

    Yao starred in a high-profile Visa commercial that played during Super Bowl XXXVII. In the ad, Yao goes into a New York souvenir store only to discover that he is unable to pay by check. This leads to some comic hijinks as the traditional "Yo!" expression of the store's New Yorkers gets confused with Yao's own first name. You know, cause they sound similar. Or something.

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