The 17 Greatest Driving Fails... Ever Anything
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The 17 Greatest Driving Fails... Ever

There is nothing better than watching viral videos of people failing with cars. These car fail videos include crazy hidden camera stunts, autos vs. planes, cars as robbery tools, and every other conceivable hilarious auto fail video will have you laughing like a jerk until you fall out of your chair.

If you're looking for viral videos that showcase the best car fails on the Internet, this is the place to be. These are videos of people being pranked, people who can’t drive, and all the best auto fails captured on video. Some of the best viral videos of people who shouldn’t drive are here on this list of the best of the best, awaiting your viewing.

And hey, if prank and fail videos are your thing, don't miss the the always entertaining viral videos starring Russians and best on-stage fails of all time.
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    Parking Brake Fail

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