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The 18 Greatest Peter Falk Memories

Actor Peter Falk died on June 22, 2011. Sadly, the world lost an extraordinary talent. Falk's career spanned many decades. While best known, perhaps, for his role on the classic TV series 'Columbo,' He won multiple Emmys and a Golden Globe for is portrayal of the hapless Lt. Columbo. Falk also had several memorable movie roles and garnered Oscar nominations for 'Murder Inc.' and 'Pocketful of Miracles.' Check out some of the greatest Peter Falk memories.

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    The In-Laws

    Peter Falk and Alan Arkin are comedic gold as f*ture family members in 1979's 'The In-Laws.'

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    The Princess Bride

    In a role that literally introduced Peter Falk to a whole new legion of fans, the actor portrayed the gruff grandfather in 1987's 'The Princess Bride.' To introduce the story, he explains to his grandson that in his day, "television was called books."

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    Dean Martin Roast

    In this hilarious clip, Peter Falk roasts his friend Dean Martin, in full-out Columbo mode.

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    Just One More Thing

    Classic. No one, absolutely NO one, could utter this line better than Peter Falk. Don't ever underestimate Columbo's powers of deduction.

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    The Cheap Detective

    Falk's performance in 1978's 'The Cheap Detective' is just one of many memorable big screen moments. Some of his best comedy work came in these classic 1970s films.

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    Peter Falk gave some great interviews over the years. In this particular interview, he talks about working with director John Cassavetes and his fellow actors (Gena Rowlands, Fred Draper) in 1974's 'A Woman Under the Influence.'

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