The 20 Absolute Worst Parents of 2012 Anything
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The 20 Absolute Worst Parents of 2012

Parenthood is not easy. Bad parenting, however, appears to be quite simple if the bad dads and moms of 2012 are an accurate example of parents this year.

From parents who have more children that they can possibly handle (one, for most of them), to cruel and bizarre punishments, to downright lack of care for children whose lives they've been charged with, these are the most awful parents from around the world in 2012. Just 2012. And in case you're wondering, this isn't even a full recollection of the gross neglect of people who have sex with their kids or put them in microwaves or drown them in the tub; these are just the bizarre and unbelievable examples of the worst parents of the year (since our last list of The 10 Absolute Worst Parents of 2012 (So Far) was published).

Be aware that child abuse is unsettling, and this is a list of bad parents that have engaged in the worst of the worst behavior so while seeing some of these instances might assuage you of some of the guilt you feel for spanking your child this morning, there's also a lot of mentally jarring images and accounts on this list of awful people.

Who are the worst parents of 2012? Read here and find out.

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    Local News Alerts Parents They Left Child at Chuck E Cheese

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    Even as an adult, Chuck E Cheese's can be a magical place where you forget about everything that doesn't involve pizza and/or the acquisition of a fat mess of prize tickets. 

    In fact, it's so easy to become fixated on tokens, tickets and rides that you might even forget who you showed up with. You know, like, your kid. 

    This is 3-year-old Harmony, who lives in Bel Air, MD along with her parents who split custody of their daughter. On the night Harmony was left at the pizza eatery, she and her parents had arrived with a large group of children and adults, and when it came time to leave, each parent went to their respective home sans-child, assuming the other had the girl.

    After running free in the house of mouse for a while, Harmony approached an employee to say she was thirsty and, when a search for her guardians came up empty, the police were called. Authorities waited 90 minutes for someone to return and claim the girl, but ended up taking her to the precinct and getting her picture up on the news when no one did. 

    Around 11pm when the news came on, the parents were alerted- by their local newscasters- that their child was in police custody. Regrettably, since it was decided to be a case of inadvertent abandonment, neither of the parents ended up in jail.

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