The 20 Absolute Worst Parents of 2012 Anything
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The 20 Absolute Worst Parents of 2012

Parenthood is not easy. Bad parenting, however, appears to be quite simple if the bad dads and moms of 2012 are an accurate example of parents this year.

From parents who have more children that they can possibly handle (one, for most of them), to cruel and bizarre punishments, to downright lack of care for children whose lives they've been charged with, these are the most awful parents from around the world in 2012. Just 2012. And in case you're wondering, this isn't even a full recollection of the gross neglect of people who have sex with their kids or put them in microwaves or drown them in the tub; these are just the bizarre and unbelievable examples of the worst parents of the year (since our last list of The 10 Absolute Worst Parents of 2012 (So Far) was published).

Be aware that child abuse is unsettling, and this is a list of bad parents that have engaged in the worst of the worst behavior so while seeing some of these instances might assuage you of some of the guilt you feel for spanking your child this morning, there's also a lot of mentally jarring images and accounts on this list of awful people.

Who are the worst parents of 2012? Read here and find out.

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    Mother Sets Boys on Fire as Punishment for Smoking

    Kids get caught smoking cigarettes. Fact. Parents try myriad crazy things to get them to stop (smoking a whole pack, taking them to cancer wards, pictures of rotten lungs, etc). Fact. New on the list of crazy solutions to getting kids to stop smoking: setting them on fire. 

    Noluthando Noyavayi, a resident of Cape Town, South Africa, doused her two children in paraffin and set them on fire after she caught them trying out cigarette smoking for the first time. 

    The two children were taken to the hospital after the horrific punishment had been enacted, but while the older boy survived, the younger one, aged 9, died with burns on approximately 90% of his body. 

    Source: Daily Mail

  2. 19

    Woman Kills Two Children By Throwing Them Against Wall

    Here's a concept: you don't like your children, stop having them. I know this is ground-breaking advice, I should probably write a book or something to dispense this priceless information, but even if I did, it would be too late to get it into the hands of Angleton, Texas's Kristi-An Walker who, at 20, already had three children.

    Sadly, in the case of Kristi-An, HAD is the operative word. In October, the young mother called 911 to report that her baby was unresponsive and her attempts to give the child CPR had failed. She later admitted, after the child's death, that she had never tried to give the child CPR and had, if fact, THROWN THE CHILD AGAINST THE WALL because it was crying.

    Oh, and while she was admitting to having not done anything to help that kid she threw against the wall, she also admitted that in 2011, she had intentionally run another child into walls and furniture, in addition to throwing it against the wall, until it died as well. 

    Her third child, who is three, was taken into protective custody when she was arrested.

    Source: Daily Mail

  3. 18

    3-Year-Old Freezes to Death in Alaska in Sub-Zero Weather

    NEWSFLASH: It's freaking cold in Alaska!

    And now, the rest of the story.

    Esther Edwards-Gust, a 28-year-old school teacher and her boyfriend, Richard Tilden, Jr, 29, locked the woman's two children (ages one and three) in a bedroom because the two had wet the bed. The boyfriend, knowing full well the room could not be opened from the inside, opened a window and left the girls trapped in the room overnight exposed to temperatures that closed in on 30 degrees below zero. 

    Now remember, as we learned at the start of the story, it's freaking cold in Alaska. Not surprisingly, taking that into account, the two girls suffered from intense exposure and while the younger girl made it through her bout with extreme hypothermia, her older sister did not survive the ordeal. 

    Source: Huffington Post

  4. 17

    Mother Starves Foster Son for Days, Then Beats Him to Death for Stealing Her Change

    It all started with the loss of a N1,000 (approximately USD $6.35) note in a small town in Lagos, Nigeria. A woman called Iya Anu was so enraged that her foster son, Seubow (aged 16), had lost this sum of money that she locked him up and refused to feed him for four days. Starving, the boy snuck out of the house to find any source of food. When the woman discovered that he had procured sustenance without her assistance, she snapped, assuming he had stolen an additional N50 from her to buy the food.

    Iya Anu beat Seubow with a rod for four days, still without food, before he finally died.

    Take it with a grain of salt that money is a different situation in third world countries, but this woman beat her foster son to death over $.32. Not 32 dollars, 32 cents.

    Source: Trends Nigeria

  5. 16

    Couple Leaves Dead Baby in Freezer After They Move Out

    When parents get up in arms about their children being taught sex education at earlier and earlier ages, this is the kind of story they need to read to remind them to shut their pie holes and let the nice teachers tell their kids how babies are made. 

    Kenisha Pruitt, 20, and Antonio Cervantes, 18, were moving out of their Toledo, Ohio apartment under the assumption they had packed everything up with care.

    Dishes: check.
    TV: check.
    Clothing: check.
    Dead baby: nope.

    Friends recalled that at some point in November last year Pruitt had been pregnant with ANOTHER of Cervantes' children (the first one was 14-months-old at the time of this incident) but no one could remember her having the child and there was no birth on record. Turns out that Pruitt did have a baby girl, but for some reason did not do so in a hospital or attempt to record the birth, and at some point put the dead body of the child in the freezer where it remained until the landlord did a sweep of the apartment after the couple moved out and reported the death to authorities. 

    Source: Daily Mail

  6. 15

    Father Injures Son During Samurai Sword Fight With Other Man

    On the list of things you'd expect to be attacked with in a fight, the top five have go to be bat, bottle, gun, knife, fists, right? Followed by lamp, dishes, glasses, and maybe cat rounding out the Top 20. Where, samurai sword falls is that list is completely beyond me, but this guy dared to be different and brought a sword to take care of his problems with the ex.

    That's Thar Kyi. He's a 42-year-old Utica, NY man who was really upset that his baby mama was dating a new guy. Instead of talking it out, he busted into the mother's home one morning while his three children were getting ready for school, and started a sword fight with the new boyfriend. Actually, the other guy didn't have a sword of his own, so Kyi was really just swinging his own equipment around with reckless abandon.

    Of course, a guy randomly swinging a sword around a bunch of women and children is going to end just fine, right? No. He struck his son with the sword, freaked out, and fled. Police found him hanging out in Syracuse. His child was treated for non life-threatening injuries. 

    Source: Huffington Post

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