The 20 Absolute Worst Parents of 2012 Anything
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The 20 Absolute Worst Parents of 2012

Parenthood is not easy. Bad parenting, however, appears to be quite simple if the bad dads and moms of 2012 are an accurate example of parents this year.

From parents who have more children that they can possibly handle (one, for most of them), to cruel and bizarre punishments, to downright lack of care for children whose lives they've been charged with, these are the most awful parents from around the world in 2012. Just 2012. And in case you're wondering, this isn't even a full recollection of the gross neglect of people who have sex with their kids or put them in microwaves or drown them in the tub; these are just the bizarre and unbelievable examples of the worst parents of the year (since our last list of The 10 Absolute Worst Parents of 2012 (So Far) was published).

Be aware that child abuse is unsettling, and this is a list of bad parents that have engaged in the worst of the worst behavior so while seeing some of these instances might assuage you of some of the guilt you feel for spanking your child this morning, there's also a lot of mentally jarring images and accounts on this list of awful people.

Who are the worst parents of 2012? Read here and find out.
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  1. 1

    Local News Alerts Parents They Left Child at Chuck E Cheese Even as an adult, Chuck E Cheese's can be a magical place where you forget about everything that doesn't involve pizza and/or the acquisition of a fat mess of prize ...

  2. 2

    Couple Runs Strip Club in Home Full of Foster Children If you've ever been to Los Angeles, you might have noted that there are PLENTY of strip clubs, topless bars, and the like to keep the attention of even the most perverted ...

  3. 3

    Child Kept in Chicken Coop and Disciplined Using Shock Collar When you've only had experience raising three boys, it can come as a bit of a shock to a couple to have to deal with raising a girl, especially when she's the youngest of the ...

  4. 4

    Mom Injects Daughter With Heroin Over 200 Times This is Brandi Baumgardner.She is accused with injecting her daughter with heroin over 200 times. There is no way to make this woman sound like a decent human being. She ...

  5. 5

    Pimp Known as Fatty the Maneater Prostitutes 14-Year-Old Daughter Assuming you're in the market for a prostitute, is "Fatty the Maneater" really the pimp you want to be doing business with? Apparently, there were enough people ...

  6. 6

    9-Year-Old Made to Run Until She Died Jessica Hardin and Joyce Hardin Garrard are awful people.The 27-year-old stepmother and 46-year-old grandmother of Savannah Hardin did not take kindly to the fact that the ...

  7. 7

    Boy Mauled to Death at Zoo After Mother Puts Him on Railing for Better View Admittedly, there are a lot of jerks who die/get seriously injured at the zoo (look, we did a whole article about it) but it's always sad when idiots get their kids ...

  8. 8

    Mother Tries to Sell Baby in a Classifieds Ad I should start out by saying I'm impressed that anyone even thinks of using the classified ads in the newspaper as a place to sell things anymore, what with Craigslist and ...

  9. 9

    Man Leaves Baby at Home to Rob Houses Robbery Checklist:Black ski mask (check)Loot sack (check)Blunt object for breaking windows (check)Baby son (hmm...better leave him at home)Ready? Go.Arthur Langley, age 20, ...

  10. 10

    Father Puts Rum in Baby's Feeding Tube to Ease Pain There's an older practice, now thought of as being a little silly, of rubbing alcohol on an infant's gums to help with the pain of teething. The amount of alcohol (typically ...

  11. 11

    Man Beheads Daughter Because He Disapproves of Her Lifestyle After leaving her husband, Ogad Singh's then 18-year-old daughter returned to live at home with her parents. Displeased with her decision to leave her husband, Singh watched ...

  12. 12

    Thai Mother Hallucinates and Accidentally Cooks Children Thinking They're Livestock Mr. Mackey said it best on South Park: "Drugs are good, m'kay?"Admittedly, Mr. Mackey usually says "drugs are bad", but he has been known to recant his ...

  13. 13

    Man Kills Toddler After Putting Him in Washing Machine as Punishment It seems a foregone conclusion that washing machines are for clothes only, but some parents just don't seem to grasp this concept. In Meaux, a ...

  14. 14

    Two Children Thrown From 15th Floor Balcony Because Mother Was Fed Up With Them In Moscow, Russia, Galina Ryabkova, 30, was frustrated with her children and "decided to get rid of them".Not temporarily with the neighbors or permanently with an ...

  15. 15

    Father Injures Son During Samurai Sword Fight With Other Man On the list of things you'd expect to be attacked with in a fight, the top five have go to be bat, bottle, gun, knife, fists, right? Followed by lamp, dishes, glasses, and ...

  16. 16

    Couple Leaves Dead Baby in Freezer After They Move Out When parents get up in arms about their children being taught sex education at earlier and earlier ages, this is the kind of story they need to read to remind them to shut ...

  17. 17

    Mother Starves Foster Son for Days, Then Beats Him to Death for Stealing Her Change It all started with the loss of a N1,000 (approximately USD $6.35) note in a small town in Lagos, Nigeria. A woman called Iya Anu was so enraged that her foster son, Seubow ...

  18. 18

    3-Year-Old Freezes to Death in Alaska in Sub-Zero Weather NEWSFLASH: It's freaking cold in Alaska!And now, the rest of the story.Esther Edwards-Gust, a 28-year-old school teacher and her boyfriend, Richard Tilden, Jr, 29, locked the ...

  19. 19

    Woman Kills Two Children By Throwing Them Against Wall Here's a concept: you don't like your children, stop having them. I know this is ground-breaking advice, I should probably write a book or something to dispense this ...

  20. 20

    Mother Sets Boys on Fire as Punishment for Smoking Kids get caught smoking cigarettes. Fact. Parents try myriad crazy things to get them to stop (smoking a whole pack, taking them to cancer wards, pictures of rotten lungs, ...


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