The Best Marilyn Monroe Quotes and Sayings Quotations

The Best Marilyn Monroe Quotes and Sayings

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Ah, Marilyn Monroe. One of the most beautiful women to ever grace the big screen - or the world, for that matter. Marilyn Monroe quotes range from the funny to the insightful to the, well, sad. The public opinion on Marilyn Monroe definitely stretches across a large spectrum. Some envied her, while some despised her. Say what you want, but there was only one Marilyn, and she lives on via her iconic image, her brilliant comedic film performances and, of course, her quotes. I've included some of Marilyn Monroe's greatest quotes and sayings on this list. Be sure to vote for your favorites!

Some of the best Marilyn Monroe quotes, not surprisingly, come from the late actresses movies. Marilyn was a fantastic comedic actress, with hilarious roles in such movie classics as Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and The Seven Year Itch. If you're a Marilyn fan and you haven't seen these two, see them!

Other great Marilyn Monroe quotes involve the late actress discussing her philosophy on life and fame. How did she feel being a world famous sex symbol and inspirational beauty? She wanted to be much more than that, and she was. Marilyn often worried whether she'd be able to truly reach her full talent potential in Hollywood. Secretly, she worried about the things so many others worry about: love, marriage and family.

What are some of Marilyn Monroe's quotes about life, love, and beauty? There will never, ever be another Marilyn Monroe. If you're a huge fan and want to check out more on Marilyn, take a look at this great list of Marilyn Monroe interviews for more insights on one of America's greatest celebrities of all time or even check out all of the lucky guys on the Marilyn Monroe lovers list.

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    "I Want to Marry Him for Your Money"

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    Mr. Esmond Sr.: "Have you got the nerve to stand there and expect me to believe that you don't want to marry my son for his money?"
    Lorelei Lee: "It's true."
    Mr. Esmond Sr.: "Then what do you want to marry him for?"
    Lorelei Lee: "I want to marry him for your money."

    Lorelei is a woman who knows exactly what she wants in 'Gentlemen Prefer Blondes' - money. She makes no bones about it, and Marilyn delivers this line with her classic, natural comedic timing.
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    "I'll Never Get the Right Part"

    "Everybody says I can't act. They said the same thing about Elizabeth Taylor. And they were wrong. She was great in A Place in the Sun. I'll never get the right part, anything I really want. My looks are against me. They're too specific."

    But Marilyn did get the right part: Several of them, in fact. Her turn as Sugar Kane Kowalczyk in 1959's 'Some Like It Hot' earned her critical (and audience) accolades. She won a Golden Globe, as well.
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    Failure in Hollywood

    "When you're a failure in Hollywood, that's like starving to death outside a banquet hall, with smells of filet mignon driving you crazy."

    It's hard to imagine now, but Marilyn Monroe certainly had her share of failures in Hollywood before she made it big. Fortunately, she made it inside the giant banquet hall (where she no doubt had people eating out of her hand).
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    "Fame Stirs Up Envy"

    "It stirs up envy, fame does. People feel fame gives them some kind of privilege to walk up to you and say anything to you - and it won't hurt your feelings - like it's happening to your clothing."

    Despite her brave and confident public persona, Marilyn Monroe must have had her feelings hurt - people ripped her apart for being who she was. She was likely the most envied woman in Hollywood during her too-short career.
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    The Seven Year Itch

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    The Girl: "I don't know about Rachmaninoff and this shakes you and quakes you stuff, but this really gets me...and how...I can feel the goose pimples...Don't stop. Don't stop."

    As "The Girl" in 1955's 'The Seven Year Itch,' Marilyn Monroe epitomized the ultimate beautiful temptation for a philandering, creeptastical Richard Sherman (Tom Ewell) with...well, an itch. This scene is one of the funniest in this classic comedy.
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