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The 20 Greatest Shaq Career Highlights

Shaquille O'Neal, beloved celebrity and NBA great, announced his retirement from professional basketball in June of 2011. In addition to his performance on the court, Shaq was one of the most influential pop culture figures of the '90s and '00s. He starred in numerous feature films. He released his own rap album. He starred in his own fighting game. He was one of the earliest celebrity adopters of the burgeoning Twitter platform, helping to bring the microblogging service to the mainstream. He's even taken time out from his busy schedule to conduct the Boston Pops Orchestra. So now, on the eve of his departure from the world of sports, we salute Shaquille O'Neal's long and storied NBA career with a fond look back at some of the highlights. This list is VoteRanked, so remember that your votes help determine the placement of the items.

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    Shaq vs. Charles Barkley

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    In an incident typically ranked with the NBA's most intense on-court fights, Shaquille O'Neal and Charles Brkley faced off during this Fall 1999 Lakers vs. Rockets game. Barkley had attempted to bounce the ball off of Shaq's head, which you should really avoid doing whenever possible.

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