The 20 Hottest Comic Book Babes Comic Book Characters

The 20 Hottest Comic Book Babes

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The comic world produces some of the greatest women in the world--albeit an imaginary and over-the-top ones. In any case, these are the 20 coolest babes in comic book history that men wish existed and nerdy men make exist in their heads.

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    Poison Ivy's fiery red hair and green skin has danger written all over it. Dangerous in a good way. Here's Poison Ivy being sad because even she knows her poisonous touch is too much.
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    Her skintight ensemble gives you all kinds of dreams. But it's her skin that gives you fantasies. Here's Storm coming to get you in nothing more than a bra and panty.
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    Maybe if you ask, magician Zatanna can make her bustier disappear. But for now, her fishnets are working for us just fine. Here's Zatanna putting her goodies in the spotlight.
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    Everything about Starfire is out of this world from her long, flaming locks to her shiny, tight uniform. But one thing is human about her (and thank God it is): her bodacious anatomy .
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    Any woman holding a weapon while wearing an all-leather bodysuit has a right to hold that weapon. Because it looks hot. And Black Widow, as seen in this photo , is definitely hot.
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    In this photo , Spider-Woman shows you all her assets. Every, single one of them.
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    The only things caged in about Black Canary are her gorgeous, thick thighs. That in itself is plenty of reason to break through these fishnets and set them legs free.
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    Another leather bodysuit, another sexy alpha woman. Life can sometimes be just so monotonous. Click here for a repeat image. And then repeat it ten more times in your heads.
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    With a low cut top that makes Katy Perry's boobs look meh, Mary Jane Watson looks like she's gonna downright pop in this picture .
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