The 20 Hottest Newly-Single Girls of 2010 Film Actors
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The 20 Hottest Newly-Single Girls of 2010

A lot of hot celebrity chicks decided to get back on the prowl in 2010 just to give us all a false sense of hope and a sense of accomplishment in that "you never know..." This means more dudes are "going outside," "showering," and at least a few will be arrested for "trying" to take them off the market in 2011. Here's a list of the hottest girls now available, on the rebound and ready for your unwanted advances as of 2010.
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    Controversial Heisman-Award-Winning pro football player Reggie Bush and controversial amazing-ass-having pro model and reality TV honey Kim Kardashian broke up for the final time in 2010. Even the newest season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians is about Kim dating again (with sexy consequences.)

    Aside from the fact that she's completely high maintenance, a little nuts and a million times more famous than he is, it's kind of hard to see why someone would agree to split up with Kim Kardashian. Maybe it's the distance or maybe it's the most-likely-thousands of women looking to blow him on a regular basis, but either way, something created a distance between a couple that made complete sense.

    Here she is getting undressed at an airport.

    Here she is in a white bikini, blonde for some reason.

    Here she is in her s**tty 2010 Halloween costume.

    Here she is naked in a room.

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    Famous model Christina Milian woke up from "The-Dream" this year and dumped her hip hop mogul boyfriend The Dream. She's beautiful, still in her 20s and 100% on the prowl. She most likely won't talk to you unless you're a huge, awesome black dude, but you can always give it a whirl. If you are, though, Godspeed my good man.

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    Blake Lively and Penn Badgley (aka that guy that got dumped by Blake Lively on Gossip Girl and in real life) FINALLY ended their romance in 2010, which is probably for the best since Blake Lively is poised to blow up this year, and no one likes a hot starlet with a hot man on her arm to ruin the illusion.

    With blowing people away in The Town in 2010 and her career getting into the geeksphere with her role in 2011's Green Lantern movie, Blake Lively is the next Scarlett Johansson and, more importantly, she's 100% single, on the rebound and making every dude that lives in LA go outside more often "just in case."

    Here she is showing off sexy assets at an event.

    Blake's stylist does a wonderful job finding dresses for her to wear at award shows.

    You've got to wonder if this is considered a skirt or panties.

    Here is the main list image which shows you that Blake Lively's legs should be your new God.
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    Ryan Reynolds is an idiot to let these two wonderful things go. Sorry, I mean her, it's a shame to let her two wonderful things go. You've really gotta hand it to him, though, barely a week after being named People's Sexiest Man Alive, Ryan Reynolds and Scarlet Johansson called it splittsville.

    If any of us know Scarlett Johansson (or any girl I've ever dated), there are about 8 dudes she knows who've been hanging out in the sidelines waiting to get tagged in, we'll just have to see who's next.
    Scarlett has always been a team player.

    Here she is letting you imagine what she would look like in your Black Widow? Well now that she's not boning Deadpool and Green Lantern you can pretend she's all yours.

    Here, yes here, is what she looks like naked and airbrushed to high heavens.

    Soaking wet in a red bathing suit.

    Wearing tiny shorts
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    British hottie Rachel Weisz ended it this year with her director boyfriend Darren Aronofsky (Requiem for a Dream, Black Swan).

    He's the schlubby looking guy in this picture that makes me think we're all being punked.

    Rachel Weisz deserves a lot better than that. Looks like she figured that out too, though, and now the world is right. She's alone and waiting for all of us to run into her and sweep her off her feet.

    Speaking of her body, check out this music video.
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    Fellas, of all the girls on this list, from a realistic perspective, Demi Lovato may be your shot. After being dumped by Joe Jonas (of the Stepford Wiv-... um, I mean, Jonas Brothers), Demi had a mental breakdown and had to seek treatment.

    She's hitting rock bottom, everyone.

    And that's where you thrive.

    She's vulnerable and insecure right now. Get in there. Here are some hot examples of "there", including a link to a video of her snorting a line of coke longer than your arm.

    As I've said before...

    Click here for the full-size image of the main picture seen in this item because bringing your computer that close to your face isn't good for your eyes

    Here is a picture of her looking super hot and super pissed.

    Click here for a barely-there bikini pic where she's wet, smiling and looking amazing.

    Only one word describes her in this picture: DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYUM.

    Speaking of asses, click here for indisputable PROOF that her ass can only be accurately described using food terms. Delicious. Plump. Cakes.
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