The 20 Most Epic Wedding FAILs of All Time

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Epic wedding FAILs are here to both assure you that your own wedding day wasn't that bad and to warn you about the perils that can be associated with a couple's big day. It's been said that anything that can go wrong will, but for these couples, a wedding fail turned out to be not just "something that went wrong" but "something that went HORRIBLY wrong." Whether it's the bride whose wedding dress falls off, the groom who drops the bridesmaid, or the wedding guest who vomits during her speech. . . you can just be glad that you aren't any of these people.  

The best/worst part? Most of these wedding FAILs were caught on video so they will be forever remembered. Wedding dress fails and bride fails are the stuff of legend and now you can watch the proof that these crazy things actually did happen. With wedding season just around the corner, here are the greatest videos of people completely ruining weddings that the Internet has to offer. From brides being set aflame, to DJs fondling the guests, to even groomsmen ruining cars by parachuting onto them, these are the most epic videos of wedding fails of all time. This list has a lot more than just videos where a dress falls down, or off altogether, but it does have the absolute funniest times that anybody has ever failed very hard during a marriage ceremony.   

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    Drunken Pole Dancer Ruins a Wedding with Her Dancing

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    This is one of the greatest videos in internet history.

    First of all, there seem to have been some really attractive women at this wedding. If you look at the aftermath, before you see blood streaming down the bride's face, you get a glimpse of some really pretty ladies. This, I think, is the only rational explanation as to why the woman in the red dress felt the need to beg for as much attention as she did at the reception.

    She clearly wanted to be the center of attention, overshadowing the bride (at least she didn't wear white) by taking over the dance floor. She swung slightly on the pole that was keeping up the tent, and then went ahead and went full-on-stripper. Usually, this is a bad move in general.

    I mean socially, what the hell are you even doing pole dancing at a wedding?

    Well, when this lady started doing this, she brought down the house. Literally.

    The video is one minute long, but is one of the most shocking and hilariously cringeworthy moments that you should be glad you didn't live.

    Check out more wacky wedding stuff here.

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    The Worst Wedding DJ Ever Presents Phil Collins

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    The worst wedding DJ of all time started his internet career with the video you see to the left.

    Not only does he ruin a perfectly good Gloria Estefan song that's fueling a line of white people dancing by singing alone while not knowing the words by any stretch of the imagination, he does it off time.

    The first part is fantastic, and the first time anyone ever saw this video, we thought that THIS is what made him the worst Wedding DJ ever, until...

    The boob slap.

    This man takes a young lady who is at his side, most likely wanting to tell him to get off the stage, or maybe even to request a song (as it does look like the night is winding down at this point) and slaps her breasts using them like the very "congas" that Gloria Estefan is singing about.

    The wedding videographer, who documented the whole thing, later overdubbed the wedding DJ "Fast Eddie" (yes, this is what this grown man calls himself) slapping the woman's breasts to the tune of Phil Collins's "In the Air Tonight". Now, if you were to slap a wedding guest's breasts to any part of that song, which part would it be? Yes, it's the part where the drums come in. And it is hilarious. Over 4 million views on YouTube hilarious, apparently.

    Funny or Die even did a parody of it.

    Either way you cut it, the biggest wedding fail involved in this entire debacle was whoever was in charge of hiring the DJ. Whoever that was messed up terribly. But we, as the internet, thank him for his half-assed and wonderful work finding the first person who came up in the Yellow Pages (because someone who booked "Fast Eddie" must be uninformed enough to actually use the Yellow Pages).

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    Best Man Ruins Wedding

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    This internet classic, even though it's fake, is a really, really great wedding fail. Just because a lot of people would put "you missed this!" in the comments, and because it's in the general consciousness here it is (and why it's awesome).

    Chloe and Keith's wedding was picture perfect. Chloe looked beautiful, Keith found Khakis that kind of fit him, the sun was shining and both their families were present. As the priest was saying their vows and the videographer was closing up on Chloe's proud, loving and blissful face, they got to the part where she is asked if she will be with Keith as long as they both shall live.

    She agrees to do this and the priest asks for the rings. The best man (who clearly wasn't) approached the stage they made with confidence, when his unscored, obviously underused dress shoes caused him to slip on the slick surface.

    At first you're worried for the guy who fell on his face, until you notice the bride falling over backwards, ruining not only her dress, but her hair, makeup and day.

    You lose all sympathy for the guy as soon as you pause the video and realize that he was actually trying to pick himself back up using the bride.

    The bride, not wanting to get her dress dirty, or be pushed off the balcony (which c'mon, they did put at kind of an ill-advised spot) backed up... into the pool.

    The priest, ever the hero, tried to catch the guy, he then tried to catch her, but only helped break her fall as he falls into the pool after her.

    The whole crowd screams "NO!" and one of the greatest wedding fails of all time made internet history. Over 5 million views to just the original video alone.

    Here's the trailer for the independent film Chloe and Keith's Wedding, for which this video was viral marketing:

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    Bridal Party Piggie-Back Fail

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    Ah the humorous bridal party entrance. Ever since that annoying video of the bridal party dancing in, this phenomena has become more and more present. Why can't they do what my parent's did when they came into the reception? Look kind of out of breath with their hair and clothes disheveled? (I might need to seek counseling.)
    In any case, this bridesmaid and groomsman thought it would be a good idea to do a reverse piggy back into the room. Sure, she's built like a brickhouse, but it looks like they didn't factor her high heels into the equation. It's basic physics. Heavyset bridesmaid + Heavyset Groomsman + 5 inch heels = Hilarious Fail.


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    Bride Gets Caught on Her Dress

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    The first dance seems to be a lot trickier than it should be. There are numerous videos of brides having the most difficulty putting one foot in front of the other. This is no different.

    The poor bride in this video probably agonized over choosing this dress. She probably spent hours going to so many different stores and reading hundreds of magazines just to find the one dress that fit her perfectly. She spent thousands of her parents hard earned dollars to buy it and have it tailored just right. Unfortunately, it seems that they didn't take into account that she would have to do more than just stand in it.

    At least she recovers with the grace of a 15 year old Olympic gymnast.

  6. 6

    Three Guys Try to Parachute Into a Wedding

    This item features a groom and his two groomsmen parachuting into the groom's wedding.

    They probably imagined they'd look somewhat like action heroes, coming in and barely having to run after falling from a plane, because that's how it happens in the movies.

    Well, here's how it goes in real life:

    (Click the picture to watch the video)

    1. The first groomsman just barely doesn't land on a busy highway, almost getting killed and ruining a perfectly good 90s car.

    2. The second groomsman comes in hard and doesn't quite "land" as much as he does "car", ruining two wedding guests' cars with his flailing body.

    3. The groom comes in and gets stuck in a tree.

    If I were the father of this bride, I would be reconsidering my choice of "blessings" at this point. This guy is never going to live this down. Ever.

  7. 7

    Young Boy Falls Asleep During Vows, Takes a Huge Fall

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    This is why Catholic weddings are the worst. We've all been to one. They are by far the longest and feature what feels like up to two hours of uninterrupted speech before we even get to anything relevant about the people we're there to see take the plunge.

    As a child, nothing was more boring than having to sit through these, which is why we should all sympathize with this kid.

    This poor kid finds the ceremony so appropriately boring that he falls asleep standing up. Unfortunately, though, the stairs are so far up that he takes a much bigger fall than you would expect him to.


    BONUS: And sure, there are dozens, if not hundreds of videos all over the internet of people falling down during weddings, for example:

    So why does this one take the cake? The giant thud that undoubtedly woke this kid up is what puts him on this list.

  8. 8

    Woman Vomits During a Wedding Speech

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    Alright, this guy's speech wasn't that cheesey. I think she overreacted.

    This just goes to show that whatever you're serving at your wedding (which is most likely an open bar) what you don't want to do is serve alcohol that your friends can't handle.

    Exhibit A is to the left, with a girl who decides that she can't take anymore of the guy's fluffy, lovey dovey talk as her body shows everyone in the room that not only is she ready to go home, but this guy needs to stop talking.

    I wonder if he finished his speech...

    The best part is that she vomits to the line "with love and understanding, you should be able to do it...".

  9. 9

    Groom Accidentally Kills Three Wedding Guests with Celebration

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    Alright, this one's more absurd, and very tragic, but it is a huge, huge fail, and therefore makes the list. Also, please keep in mind that firing a gun into the air is much more normal in Turkey than it is here, at least judging by the video embedded to your left.

    This isn't a news report, it's the actual video of the incident itself. You can see, these guys were going pretty nuts and dangerously firing guns around small children. Be warned that the video gets a little disturbing near the end.

    Three family members on the groom's side at a wedding in Turkey were shot dead by the groom, who was joyously firing an AK-47 rifle in the air, in celebration of his wedding.

    The groom lost control of the rifle, spraying the guests with bullets, killing three of his family members, including his own father.

  10. 10

    Two Jackasses Play Russian Roulette at a Wedding, One of Them Wins

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    What the hell is it with people and bringing guns to weddings? Seriously, I barely remember to bring the gift most of the time and these guys remember to bring their guns?

    Anywho, this happened in Moscow, so you know, at least it happened in its birthplace.

    Most news headlines for this story read "Russian Roulette Goes Wrong At Wedding", which is actually in accurate. Isn't this a case of Russian roulette going right? That's like seeing someone win a hand of poker and saying that the game went "wrong".

    The graphic video you'll see to your left is of real Russians playing real Russian roulette, which probably made the bride regret her decline of having a "Casino" theme at the wedding. That's on her.

    So, the first douchebag brings out a gun and shoots himself in the temple with only a click. He looks around to see who else wants a piece of the action. The guy next to him, most likely wanting to impress one of the pretty ladies at the beginning of the video (nothing a girl likes more than a dude who's willing to do something stupid for no, seriously), takes a shot himself, and as the man behind the first guy tries to take the gun out of his hands, he probably saved his life.

    The man got away with a severe head wound, but did not die. The only thing that probably saved him was the man with the good sense to want to take the gun out of the ridiculously stupid guys holding the guns, but hey, they were holding a gun so what can you do?

    According to the Huffington Post, the man who brought the gun initially has been charged with "Hooliganism". Which, if you're in a Russian jail, is probably the most embarrassing "what're you in for" story you could have.

  11. 11

    Bride's Wedding Dress Catches Fire

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    Flaming drinks are always pretty fun. Everyone gets to feel a bit of danger, a bit of glamor and a bit of something you don't get every day unless you live in Vegas.

    So, let's say there are a bunch of flaming drinks on a flimsy tray after everyone's been drinking all day; who should carry the drinks? Obviously, person with the biggest, most flammable dress at the party: The Bride.

    This is already a terrible idea, and everything would've gone great, if they hadn't accounted for the moths. A complete troll of a moth is attracted to the flames of the drinks and scares the bride, causing her to not only drop the flaming drinks on herself, but to set herself on fire.

    [Insert pun about old flames always ruining weddings here.]

  12. 12

    An Entire Wedding Party Takes a Plunge

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    Entire Wedding Party Takes The Plunge - Watch more Funny Videos

    Click here for a higher def version of this video.

    Because nothing screams "great idea" like putting tens of thousands of dollars worth of bought/rented dress clothes near water and then using an old rickety pier to sustain more people than it could support when it was first made, these people decided to take their wedding picture on the lake. Well, in the lake.

    If you count them, that's 14 people, including the bride and groom at the far end. But if you check it out, there's a gap in there, which means there are at least three dudes who escaped this bitter fate who were probably too drunk to make it to the picture.

  13. 13

    Groomsman Drops Bridesmaid with Wrestling Move

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    Remember when everyone kept coming out to Chris Brown's "Forever" at weddings? It was even in an episode of The Office. All that pretty much came to a halt when Chris Brown beat the living daylights out of Rihanna. Anyway, when that was still popular, this video happened.

    Just to prove that everything was fun, and everyone was having a good time, this cheeseball wedding party was coming out and hamming it up.

    Until Andrew was announced with his bridesmaid. He decided to carry her on his back, and ended up body slamming her onto the floor, head first.

    Like a champ, she just walked it off, but man could that have been horrible.

    You can just imagine the bride "Andrew dropped her? God dammit, Derrick, I told you not to invite him. I hate your friends". And they lived happily ever after...

  14. 14

    Couple Can't Figure Out How to Drink

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    This is perfect. It's seriously like it's right out of a British sitcom (a good one).

    This couple does the ceremonial toasting of the glasses with their family and proceed to attempt one of the most well-known wedding cliches known to man: the crossing-the-arms-while-drinking trick. It looks cute, it's affectionate and it makes for some great pictures.

    But when it comes time for this particular couple to do perform it, they look at the glasses, their hands, and each other's arms like it's a Rubix cube they have to solve in under two minutes.

  15. 15

    Silly String Attack Turns The Couple Into Human Torch and Firestar

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    Silly string is silly, so what could possibly go wrong? It's just fun and games, and instead of getting cake everywhere and ruining perfectly good food, why not just cover the bride and groom in silly string, right?

    The fact that, plastered all over every single can of silly string you'll ever find, there's a label printed that says that it's flammable, makes this the dumbest crowd on this list.

    If they were going to do it at all... why do it around candles?

    After a pretty copious amount of silly string, a string or two catch flame, and then the whole thing goes up in smoke covering the groom almost completely in flames while the woman's hands are also set on fire temporarily.

    Also, who gets candles on their wedding cake? Do they get a wedding wish? If so, then all should be forgiven because they'll be getting new, smarter friends any day now.

  16. 16

    Bride's False Teeth Fall Into Sacred Cup

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    Well hey, hopefully this isn't an arranged marriage because at this point, this guy knows what he signed up for.

    After the priest passes the cup to the bride, it's time for the groom to drink. Little does he know, until she takes them out, that her false teeth have fallen into the cup most likely due to the fact that she took a really big gulp because hey, free wine.

    She gives a really endearing, toothless smile and takes her teeth back.

  17. 17

    Couple Facebooks/Twitters During Vows

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    Sure, everything went according to plan, but making Facebook and Twitter part of your wedding ceremony is a pretty huge fail.

    Few things are more fleeting and fickle than internet trends. I mean, imagine six years ago, if people had have done this at their weddings using MySpace. The social relevance of websites just isn't something you can count on and it might make your wedding seem a little lame a few decades down the road.

    Either way, it's kind of a douchey move in general so yes, this becomes a fail.

  18. 18

    Bride Sets Her Own Hair on Fire

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    The most amazing thing about this video is how NOBODY TOLD HER WHAT WAS HAPPENING.

    She leans in to sign something, then she obviously puts her hair on a lit flame, and nobody says a THING.

    This is astounding. The priest, intelligently, puts it out for her calmly and then gets the candle out of her way as she leans in to do it again.

    How is this woman alive?

  19. 19

    Best Man OWNS Kid at Bouquet Catching

    Best Man takes out Kid - Watch more Funny Videos

    In this guy's defense, his best friend (or possibly brother) is getting married and if he's in the running to catch that thing, he's single. This is the time for glory. This is his time to shine. That kid isn't going to be using that thing for moral support after an online date goes south and he ends up back at home with a bottle of whiskey and a pint of ice cream.

    If anything, this kid got off easy.

  20. 20

    Romanian Wedding Fail

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    Different cultures have different wedding practices, and as this bride and groom are heading down the road, with some kind of dirt put in front of them, there are three guys playing with a really strange structure. It looks like the sidelines of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride because there are three guys up to no good batting around with the thing.

    One of them reaches a little bit too far, and after two guys make sure he's not dead, everything else goes as planned. Except for that one guy. He got pretty hurt and ended up ruining his pants.

    The best part about this is how quickly he falls into that barrel.


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