The 20 Most Overrated Artists of All-Time Bands/Musicians
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The 20 Most Overrated Artists of All-Time

This is all my opinion. If you want to comment, please do. If you have a problem with the list, I'd love to debate with you incessantly. :)

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    Almost Any Pop, Rap, or Hip-Hop

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         And, here's your special twist ending for the day. The most overrated artist of all time, is not in fact an artist, it's three entire genres. Or, you could just lump them all into one, supergenre, which I often do. This entry covers a variety of artists, old (Public Enemy, Notorious B.I.G., Run-D.M.C.) and new (Lil' Wayne, Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj), boy bands (One Direction, Justin Bieber, 'N Sync), and rock-imposters (Maroon 5, The Lumineers, Mumford and Sons). They are all equally terrible, all for similar reasons. Their songwriting is done by up to twenty people, lacking the heart and soul poured in by better artists. They use machines and effects to make up for their lack of talent. They tailor-make their songs specifically for the current trends, whereas superior acts write what feels natural. They're an epidemic, something that is hopefully one day wiped out. It all began in the late 1980's when MTV invented the genre, and brought it into the spotlight, effectively bringing grunge into the spotlight, and knocking it down about four years later. Once "the crap", as I'm referring to it as, was fully into the spotlight, and legends such as The Pretenders and R.E.M. faded into the oblivion, MTV pulled the plug on music, and began showcasing reality TV, something equally responsible for the dropping average IQ in America, and which also seemed to help keep the crap popular, for reasons I can't explain. The music industry became greedy, and ticket prices for concerts skyrocketed, sparking a fierce war between grunge survivors Pearl Jam and ticket giant Ticketmaster. CDs came along, and stores started charging $3 extra for "deluxe editions", which offer no advantage whatsoever.      The crap has a tendency to always capture the youth it evolves with, sucking them in, giving them poor role models to follow, and setting the example of a regular human being, one to shape themselves to become, as a tattooed, pierced, profanity flinging imbecile who probably lives in prison 2-3 months out of the year. The youth have followed those examples, raising the crime rate, tarnishing the United States's reputation, and slowly turning themselves, into a shamelessly stupid group. Every artist on this list is extremely overrated, but the number one prize winner is worse than all the others combined. No artist single-handedly changed society for the worse, so the crap would be the obvious number one pick. You can blame whatever you want for all these events occurring, but it sure as hell seems to revolve around the changing music.      If you choose not to count this as the mot overrated artist ever, feel free to count KISS as the true number one. If you do, bump The Red Hot Chili Peppers off the Honorable Mentions list to take over twentieth (because everyone moves up  a spot). I hope you've enjoyed this opinion list, I hope I've brought up more than a few valuable points, and I hope, maybe, some of these artists will be exposed for being as overrated as they truly are.

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