The 18 Most Romantic Kisses in the Rain in Movie History

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These are the most romantic kissing in the rain scenes in film history, because nothing says lovin' like cuddling up with your sweetie and watching a romantic movie. Ignore the fact that a kiss in the rain could lead to a cold, this is the movies, suspend some disbelief. Let the intense passion in these famous on-screen kisses bring you a little joy and perhaps a tear to the eye. Picking the right date movie takes a little effort, and hopefully this helps narrow it down.

Hollywood loves a kissing in the rain scene. People kissing in the rain often leads to some of the best movie kisses in film history. Think of the best movie kiss you've ever seen - it was probably a kiss under the rain, right? Right. So start daydreaming about making out in the rain with Ryan Gosling, a la that scene in The Notebook, and vote up the best romantic kissing scenes in movies, in the rain.
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