The 20 Worst Race Car Crashes Ever Car Models
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The 20 Worst Race Car Crashes Ever

A list of graphic videos of the worst race car crashes in automotive history. Many of these crashes were fatal. Automobile racing is a dangerous sport, and this list should serve as proof of the bravery (foolhardiness?) race car drivers exhibit out on the track. Thankfully, vehicle safety technology has increased greatly throughout the years and fatalities have become much less common.

This list is updated as these horrible accidents occur, including the latest such as Dan Wheldon's fatal crash. If there are any crashes I have missed, please let me know in the comments. Note that this is a list of videos, which is why crashes such as Depailler's death or Francois Cevert's gruesome crash in which he was cut in half have not been included. Drive safe.

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    1955 Le Mans Disaster

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    Some prefer to point to the deaths of famous race car drivers as "the worst" in history. They're wrong. In 1955, the worst disaster in automotive racing history occurred. What happened? At Le Mans, Jaguar driver Mike Hawthorn belatedly noticed his pit crew's signal to stop for gas and slammed on his brakes. The Austin-Healey behind him, driven by Lance Macklin, lost control and veered straight across the track directly in front of Pierre Levegh driving a Mercedes-Benz 300SLR. Levegh collided into the ramp, shaved the back of the Austin-Healey at approximately 150mph, and was sent airborne. Pierre was thrown from his Mercedes and killed instantly. His Mercedes slammed into a dirt embankment, and flipped over, launching the front axle, the engine, and the hood of the Mercedes into the crowd. The axle careened through the grand stand, leaving a trail of of bodies. The hood spun through the spectators like a guillotine, decapitating full groups of people at a time. The engine itself killed many as well. The Mercedes-Benz 300SLR, made largely out of magnesium (which was common at the time to reduce weight), burst into flames, and then exploded when the fire marshals sprayed water on it. In the end, 83 spectators were dead and another 120 injured. As the only driver unable to defend himself, Levegh was largely blamed. As more footage has been acquired over the past several decades, though, it is now obvious that Hawthorne and Mackliin were at fault. The first clip within the included video was likely taken by a spectator right before he or she was killed.

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