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The 20 Worst Race Car Crashes Ever

A list of graphic videos of the worst race car crashes in automotive history. Many of these crashes were fatal. Automobile racing is a dangerous sport, and this list should serve as proof of the bravery (foolhardiness?) race car drivers exhibit out on the track. Thankfully, vehicle safety technology has increased greatly throughout the years and fatalities have become much less common.

This list is updated as these horrible accidents occur, including the latest such as Dan Wheldon's fatal crash. If there are any crashes I have missed, please let me know in the comments. Note that this is a list of videos, which is why crashes such as Depailler's death or Francois Cevert's gruesome crash in which he was cut in half have not been included. Drive safe.

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    Greg Moore's Fatal Crash

    Greg Moore was a young, well liked driver in CART. In 1999, Moore lost control of his car while going over 200mph. The top, exposed portion of Moore's car collided with a concrete wall. Moore was critically injured and died shortly thereafter.

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    Eddie Sachs & Dave MacDonald's Fatal Crash

    The Indy 500, 1964. Dave MacDonald, driving what many regarded as a horribly built race car, lost control. Hitting the inside wall, MacDonald's car exploded then veered back across the track where it was broadsided by the car of Eddie Sachs, creating a second explosion. Johnny Rutherford, driving the car behind Sachs, was left with no choice but to hit the throttle and power through the carnage. With his car now on fire, Rutherford was then broadsided by Bobby Unser. The car behind Rutherford, driven by Ronnie Duman, was then rear ended by Bobby Unser, who now had no steering, causing Duman's car to also explode. MacDonald died two hours later in the hospital. Eddie Sachs died in his car. Fellow drivers reported seeing him trying to get out. This was the first time in history that the Indy 500 was stopped because of an accident.

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    Niki Lauda - 1976 Nurburgring

    The Nordschleife, one of the most amazing race tracks in the world. In 1976, it was predetermined that the 14 mile track was no longer suitable for modern F1 safety regulations and television broadcasts. Niki Lauda, one of the greatest drivers in the sport, tried to boycott the race based on those safety concerns. The other drivers overruled Niki's suggestion, and as fate would have it, it would be Niki himself who would almost burn to death during the race. Niki was saved by three of his fellow drivers who stopped and pulled him from his car. Even though they had a Porsche, the race officials weren't able to get there quick enough.

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    Jerry Caminito - Drag Race

    In 1994, Jerry Caminito had one of the worst, funny car crashes ever to be filmed. When Caminito's spill plate snapped off, he lost control of his car and went careening through the left barrier as his car was completely destroyed. Fortunately, Caminito was airlifted to a hospital and survived.

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    Dale Earnhardt's Fatal Crash

    As one of the most popular race car drivers in NASCAR, Dale Earnhardt's death shook American motor racing. The crash is famous for appearing so minimal (similar to Senna's). Earnhardt died of a Basilar skull fracture. Unfortunately, Earnhardt had refused to wear a HANS device, which would have protected him from such an injury. Due to this crash, HANS devices are now mandatory.

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    Jim Clark's Fatal Crash

    Had he lived, Jim Clark could have quite possibly been the most successful racing driver of all time, outdoing Schumacher, Fangio, and Senna. He died in a Formula Two race at the Hockenheimring in Germany. On the fifth lap, Clark's Lotus went off the track and into the trees. Clark's neck was broken and his skull was fractured. He did not make it to the hospital. The likely cause of the accident was a deflating rear tire.

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