The 22 Hottest Female Costumes at Comic-Con Comic Book Characters
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The 22 Hottest Female Costumes at Comic-Con

One thing we can all agree on checking out at Comic-Con are all the super attractive women dressed up as the fictional characters you wished were real since you hit puberty. Here are the best possible costumes any girl can wear at Comic-Con. Ugh. Check out these pictures of these Comic Con girls, why? Because you know you want to. These sexy cosplay pics feature some o the sexiest comic con costumes you'll ever see.

Sexy female cosplay? Count me in, brother.

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    Slave Leia

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    This sexy costume is by far the one that makes all guys want to choke their Solo like it owes them a galactic bounty (which mine actually does).

    If you are a hot girl and you can’t decide who to dress up as, this is your default, and no one will complain. The fanboys love it because she was Jabba's slave, and they're approaching Jabba proportions at this point. Some costumes go in and out of style, but this one is here to stay.

    "This is totally the droid I was looking for."
    "She doesn't look like she has low self esteem."
    "Old geeks get all the women... they can buy."
    I can't choose. You pick for me
    Nice shorts buddy.
    Does this look like the Avatar Panel?

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